Hare Krishna Radhe Radhe

Gopal/ November 11, 2021

You are creater of your own life.. only Krishna is ultimate truth.. this world is fake.. only true wisdom is in knowing and understanding God .. you know nothing

Radhe Shyam!

Si/ October 2, 2021

I have my Radhe Shyam deities since 2004. They have been traveling with me ever since. Best companion so blessed to have them through thick and thin!

Hemsundari Vishakha

Hemlata/ September 7, 2021

Hare Krishna.. Please accept mu humble obeisance unto your lotus feet. I am initiated by Jaipataka swami maharaj in August, 2019. Daily chanting Hare Krishna Mahamantra 16 rounds and following all 4 regulative principles. want to progress more in KC.


Venky/ September 4, 2021

Hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare Hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare     Jai srila prabhupada

Vandana Gupta is happily married to Varun Chawla

Mahaprabhu/ August 15, 2021

I would like to express my gratitude towards this website www.MarryADevotee.com which helped me in getting a life partner who is Krishna conscious and would always help me to uplift my devotion towards Lord. It was Narsimha Chaturdasi 2016 when we first met in Sridham Mayapur and our next meeting on November 2016 turned out to be very special for

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