Personal Services

  1. Personalised Connection Services

Sometimes there may be delayed responses from those you contacted or you may be busy and wish that someone else contact on your behalf and check if the other person is interested in your profile.

On the special request of some members, who are seeking this personalised service, we are offering this service on a trial for those who wish to marry a devotee.

Terms & Conditions

Subscription Charge Rs 3240

Validity – 3 months

Maximum profiles who will be contacted with on your behalf – 20


1. First you will contact us on Whatsapp using the link on the website. After discussion with us, and only after we agree to offer this service to you (we have limited time of team members to offer this service and hence cannot do this service for everyone), you will remit the subscription charge to our UPI id marryadevotee@icici

After that you will need to send us a screenshot of your payment. Please do not send money before talking to us and make sure you send it to the right account. In the past people have been cheated by some people who claimed from this website. All the relevant account information for sending money is mentioned on this website. So please verify before you send money.

2. You will search and choose the profile you want to connect with on and then you will send the profile link you are interested in, to us over whatsapp, with a message saying “Profile 1″, Profile 2” and so on. You will need to also send us “Your Profile Link” and in case that person so desires, also furnish some other information about yourself Please make sure that your own profile is fully updated to over 90% and has a few clear photos of you too. Please make use of the “My Diary” feature to give a good flavour of you personality & use Flickr photos option too. If you have donated to the website, please make sure that your Donor Badge has been updated too.

3. Someone from the website team will contact that profile with your profile information. We will make an attempt to contact that person by phone, email or whatsapp. Sometimes some people may take time to respond, but we will try to speed it up, and get you a response. Contacting international numbers is usually more difficult because of time zone issues etc.

4. Once they also show interest in your profile, we will share contact information.

5. You may then contact each other and proceed further. If you so desire you can take advantage of Counselling Services at this early stage too, to avoid any pitfalls and miscommunications.

6. If the marriage is fixed the groom & family and bride & family, may kindly promise to donate charitably to the website, so that it can perpetuate & serve others too.

7. Before marriage pre marital training & counselling is strongly advised for the bride and groom and families too. They will be provided with some reading material and they have to answer some questions. This will increase the chances that their married life will be happy and successful.

Also join this Whatsapp Announcement group for more information & to connect with us. Link is

We offer many other kinds of personal services

  1. Pre Marital Counselling. (Charges will depend on number of life coaching sessions)
    1. We can help a person to learn how to choose a life partner
    2. We help people get over past issues
    3. We help people decide what to prioritise and why
    4. We counsel the prospective bride and groom and their families too. This helps to have a happy marriage and avoid future issues
    5. Many other things may be covered as per the needs of the individual

2. Post Marital Counselling

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