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Here are some tips to ensure that you are found by others who are searching, using this Criteria of Age, Country, Language & other such Criteria.

  1. Please complete you profile to above 90% and make sure all the matter is accurate. Take care in doing this. If something is incorrect, people will lose trust in you.
  2. If your profile is complete, when a person searches based on some criteria, they will find you. For example, if someone is searching for someone who speaks a language like Hindi or English and is in a specific country, if you have filled this correctly, they will find you.
  3. Please do not use any other photo except your own photos. Not photos of God or your Guru or some Nature photo. You are here to get married, so please use your photos. If you show your photos, then people may contact you with more confidence.
  4. Do not put your contact information, facebook, linkedin or instagram id and other details in “ABOUT ME” or “ABOUT MY WORK”. People may think you are very frivolous or flirtatious. Your profile may not be taken seriously. In the past, we had instances of people getting prank messages and calls. In some cases, people were called by someone who cheated them and took money too. We may delete such profiles thinking these are made by Scamsters, Flirts or Fake Profiles made to harvest contact numbers of others. So please edit your profile.
  5. Donate only using the UPI code and method suggested on our website.
  6. Please make sure that your phone number, whatsapp number and email id mentioned in the correct place in the Profile Form are filled correctly. If someone wants to contact you, our Website Team will contact you on that. Also try to give your Reference person’s name and number also accurately. We usually will contact using Whatsapp.

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Remember: If your profile is not above 90% complete, people may not take your profile seriously & may not respond to your messages.


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