Spiritual life

Rozah/ August 15, 2021

Spiritual life is not about interpreting reality according to our different conceptions and conditioning. Real spiritual life is about waking up to internal underlying substance of truth that is within everything.                              

We need to keep trying

Helper/ August 7, 2021

Success or failure are two possible outcomes of any action. It is hard to know which way things will turn out when we start. It is often said that if one does not try, failure is a sure outcome. Not necessarily ! There are some who get many things without even trying. Have you heard of someone trying to get

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How can I prepare for Married Life ?

Mahaprabhu/ August 6, 2021

It is said that married life is not just a walk in the park. One needs some training and advise from superiors is very helpful in making married life a better experience. Here is a short story which can help us in our journey of living life with a devotee match. Srila Prabhupada’s guru was Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Prabhupada. Once he

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Krishnacore to Krsnagore

'Gita' Jen/ August 4, 2021

I was thinking and doing so much on my Krishnacore research work today! Indeed it is another Ekadasi, in which the time has come to focus on devotional service for Krishna. Raghunath (Ray) Cappo from Shelter really sparked my reconnection to Krishna! I have been practicing deeply again since Nov 2019 after I saw a very moving cyber satsang of

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Q: How is life in Switzerland?

'Gita' Jen/ August 2, 2021

4 2-day sublime from which all speak the alpine peak luring me (you) lord of the rings lughnasadh eve brings up and down the snowy slope spring summer fall back to groke sorry i forget alot when i’ve entered to find the faerie folk of sounds and landscapes spoke and no more piling paper work for when im floating somewhere

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