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Pls accept my pranams. Hare Krishna. Thank you for your interest in reading this profile.

Family: Upper middle class. Total 8 in the family- 3 boys, 5 girls. Mum is English educated staying with my elder sister. All others staying separately.

Materially: I am a professional 132kV high voltage electrical engineer working with a cement plant in Malaysia. Due to insufficient exposure to women in my younger days, i was insensitive to my ex-wife needs and due to misunderstanding she separated from me & divorced me in 2018. Although i just touched 50 years of age but i appear like late 30s. I am underweight due to insufficient calorie intake. My health is perfect as of today. I am not on any medication whatsoever. My high voltage license is valid minimum up to age 75. I have an OCI status since 2018. I treat India as my spiritual home. I regularly visit GVA Mumbai & ISKCON Bhubaneswar.

Spiritually: I am exposed to Krishna Consciousness since 1989. I was residing near ISKCON while doing my Bachelor’s degree & upon graduation, i joined full time and served in ISKCON Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from June 1993 ~ May 1995. My seva was mainly tape ministry & street book distribution. Later on,  I moved to ISKCON Bhubaneswar, Orissa in May 1995 to meet & hear from Srila Gour Govinda Swami. I got my association with Maharaj until Maharaj’s disappearance in Feb 1996. I met my second spiritual master Shrila Bhakti Swarup Tirtha Maharaj (Founder-Acarya- GAUDIYA VAISHNAVA ASSOCIATION, GVA) & got harinam initiation in 2015 & diksa initiation in 2018. I am observing everything as per ISKCON standard practice. My spiritual name is Sacinandana Dasa Adhikari.

WHY I WANT TO RE-MARRY: My first marriage was in year 2003, we were together for about 9 yrs only, separated many yrs in between. We had no child, hopefully i can get a child in future marriage. I am struggling alone from lack of prasadam, managing everything singly coupled with desire for sex & family.

PREFERENCE: Either single or previously married. In case have a child from previous marriage then preferably below age 3. A practicing devotee but MUST NOT be initiated. Husband & wife should have the same spiritual master for practical purposes.

I am reachable via my mobile +6013-7419224 (Malaysia). Thank you.

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Shrila Bhakti Swarup Tirtha Maharaj (Gaudiya Vaishnava Association)

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I am a professional high voltage electrical engineer working with a cement plant in Malaysia.


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I am a HiFi enthusiast. Home theater evangelist once upon a time. Listens to bhajans, music & instrumental. Occasional English blockbuster movie.

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Gold, Blue, Green colors interest me.

I am ok with all types of Indian prasadam especially recipies from Adiraja Dasa’s Cook Book.

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Materials to keep abreast with my technical jobs.

Srimad Bhagavatam

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Kajang, Selangor, MALAYSIA. [2.9929 N ; 101.7929 E]

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Janma Nakshatra
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Ascendant - Lagna

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This is a very valuable platform for all devotees. This site also appears professionally done. My sincere thanks to all who are managing it.

I plan to help with this service by

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