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Hare Krishna!!!

Thank you for visiting my profile. Too start somewhere… i appreciate the positive outlook, and is largely inspired and attracted to people with a positive and life-building method

Since I am very honest by nature, both to myself and others and as a whole there is a good agreement between my mask and my inner me, I prefer also here to be with matching peaple.
Thoughtfulness and Accountability, I like, not too self-absorbed or to much into self-celebration, hope and believe that I roughly match it.
Is in the whole friends with myself and enjoy my own company, while I also enjoyed socially to be with others.
There is a good balance between my masculine and feminine side and have a good feel for the more delicate and subtle nuances.
Since I am reasonably confident, and generally have myself in what I do, I regret not usually actions or responses.

The interest I have is versatile and within different genre.

You can also say that i am that kind of person that dosent fit into the material way of thinking, at the other hand Laksmi should of course also come, so I am Taking care of my job as a Doctor.I like to be in the Nature, walking in the forest early morning, also I am attracted to the ocean.
I am Searching for One devotee who is not fanatic, but still knows that Krishna is the ultimate choice.

I am not a perfect human, but I really like to progress in spiritual life, towards Krishna, would like to marry one who is already a devote by heart, then we will progress together. If interested contact me at my email id:

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I m a super specialist Medical Professional.(Doctor)


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Sports, reading spiritual books,travelling

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