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Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India

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Hare Krishna

I am looking for someone who understands the essence of this material life, however is supportive in my aspirations of being a working woman yet valuing our traditions with a contemporary outlook.


My parents are initiated, however I visit temple but have no plans of initiating anytime sooner given am looking to get into Grihastha ashram.


Would like to work post marriage and extend my family. I have been brought up in a conservative Brahmin family with a pro- education outlook for the man and woman. I am seeking someone who showers his love on me and treats my family as his with an open mindset of having am educated earning wife.


With the previous marriage falling on complete mis match and incompatibility in terms of education levels, family values and status, I seek my partner to support me in all walks of life.


Hari bol!

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Campy: The cheesier, the better, Clever: Nothing's better than a quick-witted comeback, Friendly: I'll laugh at anything

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Being a dentist by education, practiced and taught for some time by when I really did not know what to do with my life. However, as Ok grew up and suddenly felt that it’s my career that should take up priority over other things to be an independent woman financially. I pursued my post graduation in M.SC Clinical Research from Bangalore and that is when I associated with ISKCON , courtesy my elder brother and a Grihastha. Pretty unsuccessful in a married life and I had my own specifics of having a partner, I went on to rise in my career and stayed in Bangalore Mysore, Kolkata and now again Bangalore and doing well as as Associate Manager- with a big CRO in Life Sciences domain.

I love my work, and I believe that though transcendental, money is somewhere important to self sustain in this material world and not to be dependent on parents and family as a person.


Things I do to have fun

I love my nephew and niece and love playing with them. 

I adore travel and have been to two countries apart from traversing India.


I am learning Tarot card reading as I believe it clears your Karma and is also spiritually connected

My favorites

I am fond of perfumes, and the sight of flowers and natural scenic beauty.


I love open places and country side visits

Things I like to read

Not an ardent reader, but a great listener is what I can say.


Saravanan is extremely important 🙂

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01:45 AM

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Nagpur Maharashtra

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Janma Nakshatra
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Ascendant - Lagna

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