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I serve at Bhaktivedanta Manor and am the Mini Bus Team Leader this year for Janmashtami.  I sometimes do driving service as I enjoy driving.  I sometimes help with the Food for Life service from Soho Street, London temple.  I am an aspiring vaishnava and always like being involved in good sanagas and like listening to pravachan.  I have been helping and volunteering for about 15 years.  When I speak to senior devotees, they advise of two choices, one of grhsta life and one of bramacari life.  I more or less lead a bramacari life but one of my deep personal sadness is that I am my parents only son and it saddens me that I cannot make them happy, to that degree, that deep down they would like me to be married.  I am a chartered accountant and project manager professionally and I am self-sufficient, in that I am used to doing things myself, so having a life partner for me will require some adjustment for me.  I am loving to all souls, and love animals and nature.  I like walking in valleys, rivers, trees and tranquility.  I have often done trips myself and it would be nice if I could share these with someone.  Having Krishna in the centre of my life is important to me and are all spiritual practices.

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I am a Chartered Accountant and currently work for a HEI.


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I like movies, going for walks, like seeing natural beauty i.e. don’t enjoy cities as much as I enjoy rural, scenic landscape and fresh air. I recently been doing hot yoga and am enjoying that.  I like watching spiritual documentaries and series.  I love going to mangal aarti.

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I like orange, red colours.  I like most veg food and am not that fussy.  I like natural, organic drinks and don’t like food that is not fresh and ideally prasadam.

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I like to read the BG and the Srimad Bhagwatam.

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