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…..If a person has neither a mother nor a pleasing wife at home, he should leave home and go to the forest, because for him there is no difference between the forest and home.” The real mätä, or mother, is devotional service to the Lord, and the real patné, or devoted wife, is a wife who helps her husband execute religious principles in devotional service. These two things are required for a happy home.
Actually, a woman is supposed to be the energy of the man. Historically, in the background of every great man there is either a mother or a wife. One’s household life is very successful if he has both a good wife and mother. In such a case, everything about household affairs and all the paraphernalia in the house becomes very pleasing. Lord Caitanya Mahäprabhu had both a good mother and pleasing wife, and He was very happy at home. Nonetheless, for the benefit of the whole human race,….

SB 4.26.15 PURPORT


Fortunately i live in Dham with cows at home. Looking for a partner who will help me in my devotional service.

I’m involved in distributing Only SrilaPrabhupada’s books , take devotees to local pastimes places, clean the temple .

Likes to participate in Sankirtan.

Like to help others in finding a match and cow protection

i want to do farming cooperatively with devotees.

i like to open a Govinda’s restaurant/ prasadam stall with devotees.

So basically I want to surrender with intelligence to Krishna, rather than surrendering my intelligence.

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A person who has no mother at home and whose wife is not agreeable with him should immediately go away to the forest. Because human life is meant for spiritual advancement only, one's wife must be helpful in this endeavor. Otherwise there is no need of household life.

Ambarisha Maharäja Offended by Durvasa Muni - SB 9.4.29