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Isvarah paramah krsnah sac-cid-ananda-vigrahah l
anadir adir govindah sarva-karana-karanam ll

– Brahma Samhita 5.1

there is nothing much to describe about me as i don’t believe in recitation of myself. if one is krishna conscious than he can be described automatically. but still…..,

hare krishna….

i am alok raj singh, living in delhi. the biggest notable thing about me is that i am a handicapped but hey!! do not be sorry for that as i am not. i have always taken it as a destiny or the results of some bad ‘karmas’ of the past. i accept this thing as the mercy of the supreme lord and believe that i am worthy of more trouble due to my past misdeeds and also realize that these miseries, by the grace of lord, have been reduced to minimum. hence, no regrets for anything and all hail lord krishna…. since my accident which took place on the day of 7 11 2001, i am striving very hard to get into devotion of krishna and to be the minutest particle of the holy dust of lord krishna’s lotus feet through iskcon movement but i have not got the blessings of god and guru so far. but now as i know that time is running out so i have become very serious about that. i love to listen chanting sung by h.h. srila prabhupada and can spend a whole day listening to that without even asking for water. i also loved ‘the krishna book’ as it contained everything about the life of ‘the supreme personality of godhead’.

as far as, my career is concerned, after my accident i was unemployed for almost four years. it has got a very strong reason that initially after spine cord injury the first things that fits in the mind is that ‘life is over’. the same thing came and stayed in my mind till 2003. in 2003 i went to indian spinal injury centre and met psycho counselor ms. anuradha. she changed m life as she made me realize that life still exists and you just need to relive it. since then, i was striving for work. my search ended when i got my first job in april 2006. the work of writing content [content writer] for websites. thanks to lord krishna. since then i am working as content cum technical writer. although i have changed the company but the job profile is exactly the same. now i have extended my work to many other things as well. i love my work as it provides me an opportunity to get read by the world. you might be reading my written content on the other website you have opened in your web browser.


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