Vandana Gupta is happily married to Varun Chawla

Mahaprabhu/ August 15, 2021

I would like to express my gratitude towards this website which helped me in getting a life partner who is Krishna conscious and would always help me to uplift my devotion towards Lord. It was Narsimha Chaturdasi 2016 when we first met in Sridham Mayapur and our next meeting on November 2016 turned out to be very special for

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Bond gets married

Mahaprabhu/ July 18, 2019

His name is Bond – Austin Bond – and he got married !!! Bhakta Austin Bond got married to Parameswari Radha Devi Dasi recently. We are so happy to hear from them. We wish them all the very best in their married life and pray it is filled with joy in Krishna Consciousness. Here is their letter to us. Hare

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Bridging the 17 hour time difference to get joyfully married

Mahaprabhu/ November 29, 2017

We would both like to take this opportunity to really thank the devotees who maintain this website. Never in our lives had either of us imagined meeting someone over 12,000 kilometres away, but because of this website,  it happened. Now, after nearly seven months of juggling work commitments, devotional service and building and maintaining a relationship across a 17 hour time difference, we were

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Jagad Bandhu das married Satarupa devi dasi

Mahaprabhu/ December 9, 2014

Hare Krsna AGTSP PAMHO On August 24 2009 I met Satarupa devi dasi through this website. We just got married on Sept.5th, 2010 at Karuna Bhavan Temple, Scotland,UK. Thank you very much for such a beautiful service and for giving us the opportunity to know each other. May Sri Krsna bestow all His mercy upon you all. Ys, Jagad Bandhu das and Satarupa

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