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Detroit, MI, USA

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Detroit, Mi

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I am an initiated devotee under the shelter of HH Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaja and looking for a suitable Devotee Life Partner. I am a simple devotee and aspiring a like minded devotee who is willing to share the common objective of serving dearest Sri Radha Kunjabihariji and aspiring to go back to Godhead.

I am a volunteer at Sri Radha Kunjabihariji temple in Detroit, USA and try to serve dearest deities regularly. By grace of dearest deities, I live next to the temple and would love to extend the shelter of dearest deities to my life partner.

I am looking for a simple educated devotee who values both freedom and responsibility to reach their full potential. I am an IT professional and make decent money and hence I have no financial expectations from my life partner.

I value commitment and devotion from my life partner towards dearest Radha-Krishna as a foundation of our relationship since I want both of us to be dedicated to dearest deities and try to serve them as they desire. I am looking for a life partner who values spiritual success at least on par with other achievements in life

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H H Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaj

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Goofy: Cartoons still crack me up, Clever: Nothing's better than a quick-witted comeback, Friendly: I'll laugh at anything

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I am a Senior Software Developer at a small Product development company in Ann Arbor Mi (Metro Detroit Area). I have extensive experience developing complex Business Software.

I also like to work in AI for fun. I make enough money to support a family in Detroit and have no financial expectations from my life partner


Things I do to have fun

I love to read spiritual books especially Srimad Bhagvatam which I am currently reading. I like to read about technical and scientific trends for keeping myself informed.

I also love to pursue astronomy and have a Dobsonian Reflector Telescope.

My favorites

I love to read and see media related to spirituality and science fiction. I love to go thru information which is stimulating to brain and provides insight into our existence.

I love eating vegetarian food which ranges from Indian, Mexican, Italian, Thai. I enjoy my share of junk food too like pizza (ISKCON compliant).

I would love to travel but I seldom find time due to my work and temple service commitments

Things I like to read

I love to read and see media related to spirituality and science fiction. I like to see Srila Prabhupada and my Guru Maharaja’s lectures.

I also love to read online stuff related to science and spirituality

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08:55 pm

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Nagpur, India

My Sun Sign is
Janma Nakshatra
Vedic Moon sign (Rashi)
Ascendant - Lagna

My Charity

My views on this matchmaking service

I am looking forward to find a like minded devotee thru this platform. This platform has all the needed information to make an initial informed contact with a suitable candidate

I plan to help with this service by


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