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kutchi gujrati

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mumbai city (bombay) india

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Hare Krishna, Dandvats. Please accept my humble obeisances, All glories to Srila Prabhupada

Very religious & having my own business…
Living In mumbai india , i do pooja daily  & like to do vishnu sahasranam namavli (recitation of  1000 names of lord ). do Pooja Everyday,Offer Lamp , Offer Tulsi /Flowers to Lord  in my Home Temple , before i leave for  office,
i try to observe ekadashi ,
i like to watch senior iskcon gurji Srimad Bhagwatam telecast  on tv everyday after office at home   
i like to watch Krisna Katha by senior iskcon guruji telecast  on tv
I am also  ardent devotee of Lord Shiva.fasts on Mondays & believes in the principles of Bhagwad Geeta As such these were gifted since childhood by grandparents.
. its difficult to explain in short paragraphs .

i also follow 4 rules  of ISKCON

i also like to listen to srimad bhagwat katha by iskcon guru ji on tv and after i come from office i see & listen to iskcon programme of bhagwat katha on TV by senior guru jis


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i have my own business of Luxury Cars in Mumbai with grace of lord.i beleive whatever we have is given by him only .

his qualification :
1)B.Com(R.A.Podar College Of Commerce & Economics,Mumbai)
2) Diploma In Travel and tourism (India), Through R.A.Podar College
3)Diploma In Computer Software&Website Development(IT)
4)WebScience online Course from UniversityofSouthamtonUK
5)Google Adwords Course & Online Marketing ,SEO & Advanced analysis & Research
6)Risk Management(Project Management) from International Business Management Institute (IBMI) Germany


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Hobbies:- Reading ,Computers, listening to bhagwad geeta & iskcon katha & Philanthropy etcc

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thank you for such nice website.

im a LM at Iskcon Juhu mumbai,India

An ardent devotee of lord shiva,& thakur ji(bal krishna) fasts on Mondays, & believes in the principles of bhagwad geeta & likes to recite shri vishnu sahasranam stotram. (Thousand names of lord vishnu). As such these were gifted since childhood by grandparents.

We have ThakurJI seva In house temple, we clebrate Janmasthmi & tulsi vihah & all festivals of Krishna with great faith. We also eat prasadam offered to Thakurji in our temple . I want to be good husband of a sincere devotee who wish to have ideal family (2 kids) . its difficult to explain in short paragraphs .


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