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Gurgaon, Haryana, India

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Hare Krishna Vaishnavism, Hinduism

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I am a simple male devotee ,31 years of age, looking for a devotee wife who is serious about Krishna Consciousness or considers Krishna Consciousness as the aim of life. As Srila Prabhupada states KC is a very serious movement so I am looking for a serious devotee partner. A wife is a companion to man’s spiritual/religious life. I expect the prospective wife to be chanting 16 rounds or at least fixed number of spiritual round and interest to take initiation from a bonafide spiritual master to be able to go back to Goloka.

I have read all SP small books and came to KC in 2007. I was chanting 8 rounds in my early years of KC and now I am chanting 16 rounds. I visit East of Kailash temple in New Delhi. I enjoy listening to SP’s morning walks, lectures, etc. the most . It was how I always used my traveling time before covid.

To state a shortcoming, I sometime struggle to wake up for mangal aarti . So looking for someone who will help me with waking up as well. LOL!

I am a jigyasu as Lord Krishna describes in the Gita.  I like reading a great deal about scientific aspects of Krishna consciousness.

A wife is a man’s friend and a friend in need is a friend in deed. I want someone who will stick with me with ups and downs and somebody to share heart with without feeling like I would be judged. We need to be able to support, encourage and advise each other though.

I live in Gurgaon, Haryana. It is near capital region . I have a degree in Computer Science Engineering from USA and plan to return to USA for my PhD in computer science. I plan to settle there so looking for someone who does not have issue with settling abroad.

I am currently earning only Rs. 35,000 per month but we have our own house in Gurgaon. The pay will increase as I get more experience in my field.

We have to check some material compatibility to be practical but the foremost qualification I am looking for in a girl is seriousness in KC.

Any interested person may feel free to ping or just inquire, Don’t be shy as marriage is a service to Krishna when done in the right spirit and I don’t bite! LOL! Even if we do  not get committed , we may still give vaishnava association to each other for sometime. I am not encouraging casual dating but the point is  no one should be shy to approach/talk. Most people find me very friendly. :)..I will end my description here..can tell more when we chat. Feel free to chat and give some vaishnava association.


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Not initiated so far but chanting 16 rounds and listening lectures to find out a suitable Guru who inspires me the most

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HG Dina Sharana Prabhuji


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Goofy: Cartoons still crack me up

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Currently working a System Administrator/ Technical Support Advisor . I have BS in Computer Science from North Dakota State University, USA.


Things I do to have fun

I like watching Sri Krishna serial by ramanand sagar for entertainment. Also, his ramayan. I also enjoy reading various stories from the puranas. I enjoy reading books of HG Purnaprajna Dasa. For entertainment, I like puranic stories. They are entertaining and also have meaning in them.

My favorites

Rajma chawal
sweet lassi

Plain dosa / masala dosa…or anything offered to Lord Krishna has unique taste.

Things I like to read

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Entering Grhasta ashram in proper conciousness is a service to Krishna. Service to Krishna’s devotees is higher than service to Krishna directly so thank you so much for helping devotees here.

I plan to help with this service by
I am charitable and have supported this website by donating

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