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Hare Krishna Vaishnavism

Vaishnava Sampradaya

ISKCON, Gaudiya Matha, Madhvacharya, Nimbarkacharya, Rudra Sampradaya, Vallabhacharya, Sri Sampradaya


United States

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Ramayan Das

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Caucasian (white)

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Light Brown

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Wouldn't even think about it


5' 11" (180 cm)


161 lbs (73 Kg)



Here seeking

Love, Marriage

Are you Manglik ?


About me

2nd Gen devotee born pure Veg., never drank/smoke/drug in my life


Mature long time devotee, non fanatical, respect women and know how to take good care


Divorced(10 yr) for good reasons with a son who is a good devotee in devotee run school


I married the first time like a fanatic suddenly to someone I didn’t even know, this time I will take the time to get to know someone first to ensure there is even basic compatibility


I have my life together with work and plans/goals


We need to balance material and spiritual life together


I love women/kids, kids love me because I’m a lot of fun and not boring


I am seeking a lady who is non-fanatical, relaxed, cool, cooperative and not dramatic


Younger than me, beautiful, healthy, fun, likes to smile/laugh, not a super fired up preacher


I rise from a good family, I had a good normal loving childhood and my original parents are still married


I am masculine, strong minded, top fit athletic shape/body, tall, blue eyes, sharp fast mind, not lazy, high energy, responsible, reliable, tough, experienced in life, mature, noble, fearless, walk with my head held high always, I know myself and what I want, and am extroverted and outspoken, don’t care about the opinions of others, independent minded, and most likely to live in a survival of the fittest scenario, protective and unafraid to confront others or correct them in public, and a proper man who does the right thing High quality/High class


I am not a guru husband who will expect you to cook 3 meals a day and who will boss and order you around


Do whatever you want while a man goes to work, after work we can hit the beach and have fun or go to a home bhajan program and I live half of each year in Hawaii USA and other half in Mayapur dham, I am open to working out a living situation with the right special one


Romantic and affectionate/Intimate !




Spiritual Details

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Yes Harinam

Diksha Guru

HH Hridayananda Goswami

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Earlier faith

Christian / Catholic

Who gave you Brahmin Diksha ?


I am a devotee since


Formal Spiritual Education

Bhakti Sastri


Which best describes your daily diet ?

Junk Food, Prasadam

How do you live ?

Live alone

Do you have any children ?

Yes – but not at home

Do you smoke?

No, never

How often do you drink?


How often do you exercise


My sense of humour

Clever: Nothing's better than a quick-witted comeback, Obscure: I'm usually the only one laughing, Dry / Sarcastic: I'm not bitter because I'm single. Quite the opposite, Friendly: I'll laugh at anything

I am into

Martial arts, Running, Soccer, Swimming, Walking / Hiking, Weights / Machines

Things I do to have fun

Swimming, hiking Hawaiian mountain/volcanos, beach hopping, kayaking, Karmi movies, archery and shooting guns, snorkling with huge sea turtles and seeing many types of Krishna’s fish!


My favorites

Beyond spiritual life, spiritual family is all I care about, but they are one in the same!


Things I like to read

I love to read the news because I find what crazy demons do to be most entertaining and it’s very educational, but I’m not able to sit for long to read

Professional Life

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Let me tell you about my work

I work construction and professional landscaping for my wealthy clients in Hawaii USA half the year and I spend the other half in Mayapur dham India, I also have family money




I enjoy labor job because sitting at a desk all day is unhealthy and boring, I like working outdoors in beautiful Hawaii island paradise with pleasant breezes and sun!  Having a Kshatriya nature and being masculine I enjoy a man’s job that most office worker boys would pass out after 1 hour!


I enjoy doing demolition work especially, this is when we destroy a house to make a new one, I love swinging my sledgehammer all over breaking the whole house down!


I also enjoy landscaping and I can clear huge sections of Jungle in one day alone, more than anybody else!


My education

Some College

I plan to help with this service by

Telling others about MarryADevotee.com

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Memphis, TN Tennessee

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Vedic Moon sign (Rashi)

I do not know

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I do not know



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1 Any country