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Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

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Hare Krishna Vaishnavism, Hinduism

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English, Hindi, Marwari & Gujarati

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Hare Krsna, I am a soul tiny tiny tiny & so on…. part soul of lord krsna_ Yash Bajaj, I live in ahmedabad city & am originally from sikar near jaipur, rajasthan, I studied in 2018. Now, am doing my own business is related to textiles – manufacturing of polyester cotton, rayon cotton and many other fabrics, I live into with nuclear family with my mom and dad.. my dad occupation is dealing in real estate, my mom is housemaker & I have elder sister, she is married in 2016, dec. now she lives in sydney city, Australia. My ultimate goal is to pleased and serve lord to radhaji krishnaji. I want to do devotion all my life & want a life partner devotee & For me, caste & money doesn’t matter, just do devotion to radhaji Krishnaji … And I want to do devotion all my life with my future wife…Those who agree with my profile can message me personally this is my contact number : +91-9099772536. or If any instagram does that.. then they can message to me on instagram too..Instagram I’d – (Japo_harekrishna).

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I do my own business since December 2014. my business is related to clothes & my firm name is SHARDA TEXTILE INDUSTRIES, this business is manufacturing of polyester cotton, rayon cotton & many other fabrics… polyester & rayon cotton used in kurties, punjabi suit & skirts. & My Dad Business is dealing in real estate since 1990.


Things I do to have fun

 I like to go to Iskcon temple Or anyone likes to go on pilgrimage like Vrindavan, Dwarka, Mayapur & many other pilgrimage places because I love & enjoy devotion to lord Srimati Radharani & krishna.. I love reading like Bhagwath Geeta, Bhagavatam Purana and Love to tell people & I love serving people selflessly…

My favorites

Krishna Prasadam ❤️

Things I like to read

I like reading the Sricputres/granth very much…now am reading currently Bhagwath Geeta & Srimadh Bhagavatam Puran. And after reading the Geeta & bhagvatam puran, I would like to read all the granth like Chaityna Charitamr, Chaitanya Shikshamrat, Bhaktmal & many other granths.

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10:15 PM

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Those who are doing this service through the Marry A devotee website by the grace of lord krishna. The devotees can easily find their spouse through this website… this website is doing welfare of the people all over the world..this website is working great..Whoever you are, but lord bless Radha and Krishna…Thank You Marry A devotee.

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