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Hare Krishna Vaishnavism

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Hi, I have completed my Bachelors in graphic design and enjoy being creative from interior design, henna, cooking, gardening, decorating for festivals and getting involved in anything that leans towards this. I love traveling, trying new experiences and exploring new places. I would like to meet someone who is pure vegetarian like me, doesn’t drink, is fun, outgoing, sociable, kind, empathic, introspective, religious, loving, affectionate, wants a family and someone to share my life with. Someone who has a balance of traditional cultural values from our heritage and western culture. Marriage is a partnership where both are on the journey of life together, as friends, well wishers of each, there to support each other through the ups and downs of life, encourage, appreciate and grow together as a team. Having the same values in life is so crucial to the relationship and how you want to live life on a day to day basis. Ultimately this is the foundation to a good relationship and to have fun making wonderful memories! You have to be UK based and preferably in London or close to it. Thank you for visiting my profile and good luck!

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Graphic Designer


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Spending time with my family and friends is very important for me. Trying new vegetarian restaurants from time to time as well as experimenting in the kitchen. Going to current creative exhibitions, galleries, theatre, cinema. Exploring new countries and local nature spots. Experiencing new activities like adventure golf, gardening, bowling, archery etc

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This is such a crucial service that will enable devotees to be settled in life to be able to focus on their spiritual lives. Otherwise there is turmoil for both parties with a lack of focus and direction. Thank you for all your hard work!

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