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Dinesh Raj

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5' 11" (180 cm)


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Hare Krsna!

I hope my profile finds you in good mood. Its so self-indulgent to praise oneself. I never wanted to get married through this online matrimony search but like they say “never say never”…. !!! Parental pressure brings me here Nevertheless, I am not window shopping here, can consider someone seriously in case mutual expectations & vibrations are met. Weird things happen to me: nothing that you should be afraid of, but just realize that if we get together, you’re inn for a wild ride. The idea of marrying is more to find a good friend first so we ease into those butterflies and find ourselves irresistible to each other, and wake up one day to discover that we’re in relationship, which no coffee roasters meet can do!

Non Punjabis will do but you will have to put up with loud music, unnecessary laughter, and lot of unexplained entertainment. You will be forced to learn and speak Punjabi (we will learn your language also :), you will be fed unjustified amount of white butter with every meal and you have to dance a lot on sankirtan programmes and yes these sankirtans happen every now and then.

Money will buy me a bed but not sleep, Food but not appetite, Books but not brains, A house but not a home, Medicine but not health, Luxuries but not culture, Honor but not bliss, Certificate but not intelligence, Finery but not beauty, A belle but not a soul mate! A passport to anywhere except Vaikuntha.

I believe in True Spirituality and Genuine Vegetarianism. I understand that this material world is not my real abode and no amount of material gratification can satisfy my spiritual self. Like a fish out of water, my presence in this material world is loaded with frustration and anxieties. All my miseries are primarily due to my useless search for lasting satisfaction within this ever changing, temporary material world. I wish to be happy forever, yet sorrow besets me. I wish to live forever but death seems to beckon insidiously. I learnt to distinguish between matter and spirit and that became my stepping-stone to spiritual realization and the foundation for understanding devotional service. I realized that my material body has a very brief existence in the cosmic calendar whereas my spirit soul has an eternal existence from time immemorial. It is this understanding that calms down my materialistic grip and stimulates my hidden desire for stability and transcendence.

But as long as my material body exists I have to meet the inevitable demands of my body. However, I want to make the best use of a bad bargain and enjoy transcendental happiness in Krishna Consciousness and therefore I wish to revive my eternal Krishna Consciousness by simply placing Lord Sri Krishna in the Centre of all my Endeavors. It is my most humble desire to be accompanied by a soul mate in my Endeavour to conscientiously serve the Supreme Lord without any hindrance. Wish to serve the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna and Srimati Radharani as a dedicated and most humble Grahasta.

I am looking forward to meet an ideal girl who is not in sheer pursuit of inordinate material wealth or self-aggrandizement but in the quest for worthy self-realization. She should understand her constitutional purpose as the eternal subordinate servitor of the Lord. Despite all her academic ability or honor, she should possess the intelligence to recognize the Supremacy of God. She should understand that earning a livelihood in this material world is not a problem but to free oneself from the four imperfections of birth, disease, old-age and death is the greatest challenge faced by the conditioned soul. Eternally serving the Divine Couple should be our spousal priority.

To have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish, till death us do part. Such should be the life-long commitment. So are you ready to jump into OCEAN of love with ME? If YES – write meh!

Let’s go home – back to godhead.

I hope for you beautiful soul..

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