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Nitya Krishna Das(নিত্য কৃষ্ণ দাস)

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Mayapur, West Bengal, India

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Hare Krishna Vaishnavism

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Nitya Krishna Das(নিত্য কৃষ্ণ দাস)





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HARE KRISHNA.. All glories to Guru Gouranga..Probably this platform is not  the right place for searching my desirable partner still creating this profile without any hope.

First of all I would like to share my experience regarding marriage which forced me to take back and change my decision,,,  I personally found this group where people are not properly following Krishna consciousness generally they are just a visitor in  temple near by they reside.Mostly fake profiles where the base of groom/brige is Financially strong so that they can enjoy on his/ her money,Good looking and it’s a jackpot if he/ she is a foreigner male/ female where they can get the visa of USA or UK.Very few  people are in this group who is seriously following Krishna Conscious Movement and want to progress on devotional path,,,,

Now let me write few words about me and my partner expectation ,,,

I am a devotee since past 20 years and associated with gaudiya mission & Iskcon actively. My life is fully devoted to god and his service .I live life with full of peace ,follow all regulative principles ,eat only vegetarian foods/prasadam ,learn devotion under the guidance of sadhu guru vaishnava and earn not more than my requirement .currently I stay at kolkata but willing to relocate after marriage at sri dham mayapur for better spiritual  life.

Partner should hv proper knowledge of ‘CHAITANYA CHARITAMRITA’ & other Sat Shashtra ,understanding of Chaitanya mahaprabhu’s education  towards devotion  …she must be engaged in various spiritual services under the guidance of guru vaishnava and willing to help each other for the same after marriage . I hv not created this profile for enjoying married life or sense gratification perpuse so any mataji having interest other than pure krishna bhakti please do not send or accept request …After considering all the facts If you interested to communicate further plz feel free to contact or watsapp at +91 8335978445  .Dandabat pranam.


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I am a games teacher of very renowned CBSE school of kolkata and also I have couple of academy.


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only spiritual books

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