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Rohtak, Haryana, India

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Hare Krishna Vaishnavism

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Love, Marriage

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Hindi, English

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About me
  • Follower of Srila Prabhupada.
  • I feel Prabhupada by his strong faith on the Lord preached the message in such a way that it is easily available to us to open our eyes.
  • Have faith in prabhupada words, Lord Krsna’s words.
  • Love reading Bhagavad Gita daily, hearing from devotees, reciting verses from Gita, hearing new pastimes of the Lord from the devotees, associating with the devotees, serving the devotees, doing occupational duty and exercising to be fit.
  • Want to make the world around me Krsna conscious. I feel real preaching is enjoying chanting, hearing, sankirtan, honouring the prasadam and just sharing that joy.
  • I feel the more I earn and use my mind, work and speech in Lord’s service, the more I will get purified.
  • Highly inspired by Radheshyam prabhu’s(Pune) simplicity, courage, intelligence, compassion and smile that melts my heart.
  • We engage in our respective jobs as idle mind is devil’s workshop. Lord Krsna also instructs: Uddharayed atmanatmanas na atmanas avashadayet( One should deliver oneself by the help of one’s mind and not degrade)
  • I feel marriage is for assisting each other in Lord’s service like waking early, chanting, hearing and saving each other from maya; also Grhastha ashram has duty to support other ashramas.

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Clever: Nothing's better than a quick-witted comeback

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  • I am Business Analyst in a service based company in Noida.
  • The work involves analyzing data of a company and extracting useful information.
  • The scheduled work is of flexible timings of 9hrs. The work usually finishes in 6 hrs.
  • There is a lot to learn and a lot to share.


Things I do to have fun

Fun starts with giving with a selfless mood.

Giving can be of time, sweet words, prasadam.

Fun is in waking up early to chant Hare Krsna, hearing realizations from devotees.

I am into
Things I like to read

Bhagavad Gita as it is.

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9:42 pm

My city of birth

Rohtak, Haryana

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My Charity

My views on this matchmaking service

It is a great service if it leads to genuine seekers of spiritual relationship come together. It requires a lot of scrutiny on the part of the managers to filter the genuine people as everyone is a devotee. One will have to have read bad views of people writing their bios.

I plan to help with this service by

Telling others about, By using my software skills to make it better, By counselling others on principles of marriage, By interacting with the bride and groom families before marriage, By verifying information provided by the candidates

I am charitable and have supported this website by donating


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