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Dina Sharana Das

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St. Petersburg, FL, USA

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Hare Krishna Vaishnavism, Hinduism

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Dina Sharana Das



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Love, Marriage

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St. Petersburg

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Hare Krishna!

I was initiated by ISKCON Founder Acharya Srila Prabhupada in 1976.

I lived in the NY, Boston, Philadelphia ashrams for the next 12 years.


Much transpired over the years. I was married in 1985 to a new devotee we raised three boys and shared KC for 20 years, at which point, very tragically she suffered some kind of psychotic  break, and gradually became totally against Krishna, ISKCON, and devotees.

I was divorced in April of 2018.



I have an online herbal business and have many talents and abilities by Krishna’s grace. I have long worked 40 hours a week , responsible, dependable, and not lazy.


Started two of my own businesses,  managed a company with 10 employees.  I have helped several businesses take off and fly.


I am usually optimistic and cheerful. Presently I live about 3 miles from the beach,  in the list of top ten beaches in the country… beautiful.   Not far from the Alachua Temple Community, one of the largest in the world.   Festivals are wonderful.


My whole life has been pushed towards personal growth and evolution towards full love of myself, others, and the Divine.


I am still dedicated to my spiritual side, at the same time I am blessed to be able to carry on a “typical ordinary” sort of life, working effectively and successfully.


I work now in one of my professions as an accountant and full charge bookkeeper.


I am not wealthy yet make income suitable for a comfortable but simple life..

I like the beach, sunrises, sunsets,  nature, travel ..simple recreations. Music that suits my mood in moderation.

I am dedicated to sharing KC. I counsel devotees and interested people  I have had over 14,000 counseling sessions in the past 14 years.   It is very rewarding.


I am not a controlling type of guy.


I am used to doing laundry, dishes, cleaning, two people make it quicker.I cooked for Deities all day for 11 years. I have cooked for restaurants..


I am a one woman man, who loves deeply and affectionately with total devotion..


I want someone to share life in KC with committed to mutual respect, care,  mutual support without trying to control, manipulate or change each other.. or very little.

I am not a monk, although 63 years of age my energy level and health is like that of a 50 yr ..


I would  like to have a life companion, a soulmate, whose being resonates with me, with mutual attraction, and appreciation for each other.




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I am a strong fixed devotee, warm and caring. Non exploitive, dedicated to helpin


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