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Too start somewhere, i appreciate the positive outlook, and is largely inspired and attracted to people with a positive and life-building method, in that way i feel really inspired deeply inside by Krishna, and the taste i have that can not go away.

I get interested in Krishna consiousness and begin to come to the temple 22  years ago, at that time i also moved into the temple and lived there for around one year. I also traveled around in India visiting a lot of temples, holy and beautiful Places and i loved it. At that time 1998 Mayapur was just a small village and not like today.

Well besides i like to be in the Nature, walking in the forest early morning, also i am attracted to the ocean and i like peaceful suroundings in goodness.

Spiritually i am searching to develop real love, for me it Means to transfer the unhealthy “ego” into a healthy ego that can serve Krishna and his devotees.
From my point of wiew the ego related so called love have no value, but i am not perfect my self, but trying to see more clear what is going on.

I am open minded about a lot of things in life which allows me more and more not to make the same mistake a lot of people made around me, a graduael process.

I love to share Things in life which is really also the deeper meaning behind Krishna Counsiesness, in that way it is so inspiring for everyone of us when you feel, talking, and having deep friendship is most important at all, sharing is the inspiring.

Since I am very honest by nature, both to myself and others and as a whole there is a good agreement between my mask and my inner me, I prefer also here to be with matching peaple.

Thoughtfulness and Accountability, I like, not too self-absorbed or to much into self-celebration.

Is in the whole friends with myself and enjoy my own company, while I also enjoyed socially to be with others.

There is a good balance between my masculine and feminine side and have a good feel for the more delicate and subtle nuances.

Since I am reasonably confident, and generally have myself in what I do, I regret not usually actions or responses.

You can also say that i am that kind of person that dosent fit into material way of thinking, and i try to balance between.

In my life i always in somehow or another manage to meet the right people… just happen like that out of the blue, in that way I feel very humble and grateful and knowing Krishna was always behind.
I also think that the people we meet in life is the most valuable of all, some of them will be temporary, other will be teachers in the life of school, and again other will be friends or your beloved for life.

I discover like a naturel condition that real happiness is to be conscious about the moment right now , not in the past or what will happen tomorrow or in the future, because then we are really not present and happy in the moment.

I like quality in all matters and in this way i value a close connection whit my future partner, to share experiences and to grow in real love towards Krishna.
To share the precious moment in Krishna consiesness have more value than anything else and being there we become directly a part of the pastimes.
Besides all the materially goods will all disappear, it is just a matter of time.

Having a beautiful Son who is now seven years old, He is af very nice boy, and i like that He is inspired as much as possible by the Devotee way of life. so I am Searching for One devotee who is not fanatic, but still knows that Krishna is the ultimate choice.

I am not a perfect human, but i really like to progress in spiritual life, towards Krishna, would like to marry one who is already a devote by heart, then we will progress together.

Haribol to all the wonderful amazing devotees

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