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Personally  applauded by free spirit, adventurous, neat freak, laid back, creative and a far right pyrrhonist. Live by (Do unto others..) policy..   History, science, innovations, street arts, traveling and global cuisines are my passions. Simplest, yet all finer things in life, attracts.
I am 38 years, never been married,  raised loving nama sangkirtan and Iskcon last 27 years,, however,,  I kinda walked myself out from the regressive politics and Holier- than- thou attitudes. Now a circular humanist contently saving stray cats, helping less fortunate devotees whenever I can and being the mischief I am . It is my birth right to be happy and humorous. Cheers!

Okay, I grew up pretty lonely at home with no sibs or dad most of the time so Jaganath and myself have a very strong love hate humor and a naughty bond. To me He is my daddy mommy my friend and is subjected to get yelled at sometimes. Nope. No regrets, Hes mine and Hes personally mine. He decided to come stay with us despite I warned Him not to come. Shameless boy.

My bad traits? Cut me a slack please, Im only human and a transparent one at that. I can be choosy to my bone marrow, snappy to untenable logic and though I easily forgive, once bitten twice shy. I strictly side righteousness in an argument which sometimes leave me in back alleys.

Though Im not fanatic about my spiritual self and wouldn’t pretend to be an angel, I do honestly like to be married to a Krishna well wisher so that at least my kids in future may be raised better than me and together, we be able to cater needs of  Vaishnavas. Or maybe Krishna will give me a chance, lets see.

Skype search “shobaloveskol”  if you think this woman is worthy a try.

Serious Note!! Not a Vaishnava here, just a regular karmi.

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