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Cologne, Germany

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Ananteshvar das





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I am a Mechanical Design Engineer by profession and now I am on work permit here in Germany. I completed my Masters in Mechanical Engineering (Computational Mechanics 2013-2016) from Germany. I got introduced to ISKCON Sri Sri Radha Gopinath Mandir (Mumbai, chowpatty) in 2005 and then I stayed in BACE ( Bhaktivedanta Academy For Culture and Education)for some years. And then came to Germany and since then connected to ISKCON Gauradesh, Cologne. My main service is Harinaam Sankirtan and Kirtans along with cleaning services.

I am also a sports enthusiast and love travelling and seeing new places.  I am looking for someone who is Krishna Concious, open-minded, patient, and has an enthusiasm for life so that we have fun together. My life partner should be more of a friend, compassionate, understanding, caring & have a big heart.

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HH Radhanath Swami Maharaja

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HG Svayam Bhagwan Prabhuji (ISKCON Chowpatty) and previously HG Krishna Chaitanya Prabhuji (ISKCON Chowpatty)


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Goofy: Cartoons still crack me up, Clever: Nothing's better than a quick-witted comeback, Friendly: I'll laugh at anything

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I am Full time Mechanical Design Engineer in Germany and have work experience of more than 3 years. I would tell you in detail, if we accept to communicate further.


Things I do to have fun

Cooking, travelling to new places, fitness, good videos, documentaries, socializing with positive people. I never miss any chance to dance in Kirtans and Harinaams. Love to sing. I can say that without singing Kirtans, i am not alive.  Visit India every year for now in December, for attending my BACE Yatras with my Sikhsha Guru. Last December (2108), we visited Sri Jagganath Puri Dham. I would continue this through out my life.

My favorites

I am a big fan of Chapatis and Palak. Love to eat Samosas as much as possible. You will find me in casual clothes mostly and devotional clothes when in service.

Things I like to read

Scriptures and my technical books as of now. I read Srila Prabhupada Books every day. Hear Maharaj’s Kirtan or/and Lectures every day without fail.

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03.00 AM

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Jetalsar, Gujarat

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Vedic Moon sign (Rashi)

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Amazing service to All The Vaishnavas. I would definitely help the devotees in best possible way in very near future.

I plan to help with this service by


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