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  • United States


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Chicago, IL, USA

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Hare Krishna Vaishnavism

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I am in Krishna conciseness since 2015. I find a true happiness whenever I have a chance to serve Krishna especially his devotees. I love kirtans, play harmonium and learning mridanga. Originally I am from Russia (Siberia). In terms what I do for life, I am a research scientist. I received my PhD in Biological Sciences from University of Illinois at Chicago and currently working in the laboratory at the Research Institute in Chicago. I use stem cells to study nicotine addiction and Alzheimer’s disease trying to find a solution how to help people with this conditions. I like my job, because it actually connects to real people and the idea of helping them. In a spare time, I like meeting with my Russian friends. My friends are all in Krishna conciseness, so whenever we get together, we always either talk about Krishna, have kirtans or eat prasadam. I enjoy meeting new people as well, because I feel that each person has unique and very interesting background. I enjoy baking a lot, for me it is a type of meditation. I know astrology a little bit and keep learning it. I do not have kids, but I love kids a lot and enjoy spending time with my nieces and my friends’ kids. I know that I will dedicate myself fully to my family once I have it. I also like to travel and take long walks in parks, enjoy the nature and berry picking in fall. Hare Krishna!

To be honest, I think Krishna knows the best who would suit me more, ideally, I would like to marry Krishna devotee. I expect my spouse to be kind, generous, respectful and a wise person. Since I am a person who likes to plan everything ahead and always have some aims to achieve I expect my spouse to be an established person with clear goals for the life. I see my husband and me serving people together in different ways, making them happy. I also expect him to enjoy communicating with other people, at least sometimes. I see my spouse to be my best friend with whom I can share all my ideas and troubles. I do not necessarily expect my husband to have a graduate degree as long as he respects my research in science 🙂 I would like to meet someone who is not more than ten years older and not much younger than me, one or two years being younger is fine. I expect my spouse be willing to have kids. It is ok if he already has kids from previous marriage, but for me it is important that we have kids in our family. I do not have limitations in terms of nationality, for me nationality is not very important. Of course, we both should speak at least one language fluently (English or Russian, or both). What is important for me is having a common goal of serving people. Hare Krishna!

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I  am a research scientist. I work on finding a cure for Alzheimer’s disease and nicotine addiction using human stem cells.

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