FAQ & Important Info

  • 1. Can I use this website free of cost ?

    Yes it is free to use for all necessary services. But if you are unwilling to follow the RULES of this website, then kindly DO NOT JOIN

    1. You can post your profile for free
    2. You can search for other profiles for free
    3. You can message other profiles for free, but cannot delete messages (this is to protect genuine users and discourage spammers and people who wish to misuse the website. So if someone wishes to send some offensive messages, then they need to remember that their messages will remain as proof of their wrong doing)
    4. You can send Spiritual Friend requests for free
    5. You can post your photos for free
    6. You can post your videos for free
    7. You can post your Daily Blog – Diary for free
    8. You can hide your Profile for free, but you cannot delete it (This is to protect genuine users and discourage spammers and people who wish to misuse the website. Sometimes people register a profile, do inappropriate activities and then delete their profile and rejoin as someone else. If a profile is not deleted, then it is not easy for them to do so. Also sometimes people register with one name, collect information about someone and then plan to rejoin with another name and take advantage of the information they got with another name. We wish to discourage such practices.)
    9. You can hide your Photos for free (by doing this you can hide your profile photo and also your existence on the website)
    10. Married devotees can join the website, not for marriage, but to guide others, take guidance, share recipes, share spiritual messages and associate with devotees.
    11. Not everyone on this website is here for Marriage, some could be already married and are here for other reasons – so please be careful on whom you message and for what reasons.
  • I forgot my password - help !

    No worries.

    Just go to the Login page and Click on Forgot Password.

    Once you have logged in, we recommend that you connect your login with Facebook or Google or any other social signin.

    At the bottom of every page, in the footer you will find that option.

    It saves you the effort of remembering passwords or typing in the Username or Email id everytime.

  • What should I put on my profile and what should I not put ?

    Always put the Truth.Truth attracts the right person who can match your needs.

    Do not lie or misrepresent things in your Profile. Lies attract the wrong kind of person for your personality. Later there could be differences of opinion and more pain than you can imagine.

    We recommend not putting your email – phone number and other details on the profile – in non designated areas. In certain places we have asked for your number, email etc. Put your contact details only there.

  • Why do you advise against putting my email – phone number and facebook links on the public profile

    When you put your details in the areas where we have asked for your information, we hide it from Public view.

    If everyone can see your private information, it can be troublesome later. There are many such cases of this. You can share your contact details in our free private chat with other members.

    It also could create a wrong impression about you

  • Will I create a wrong impression if I publicly display my email – phone number and facebook links on the public profile ?

    Yes it has happened !

    Someone suggested a profile to a lady a while ago and she said ” I think I might not have a good life with him after marriage.”

    On being asked Why, she replied ” I checked his profile. He has put his contact details on the Profile. This could mean that he is not careful or choosy about who he talks with or chats with. He is ready to talk to any woman ?

    I want someone who is more serious about how he spends his time and with whom.

    Your website is allowing free messaging with some limitations on number of message per day. This person probably wants to avoid this and quickly chat with others on Whatsapp or on the Phone. This is reckless and too fast – and doing things in haste can lead to dangers later.

    Someone who likes making important decisions like marriage very fast now, might also make decisions to separate or divorce very fast too.

    This person could also be a flirt, spending hours everyday chatting with so many women, because his contact details are with so many women.

    Perception is Reality for many. So it is better to not give the wrong idea about yourself.

  • When should I share my contact details on the chat ?

    It is best to send messages on MarryADevotee.com for sometime first. Once both of you like each other and really wish to take it to a higher level of interaction, then and only then should you share your mobile number or whatsapp etc.

    There is a website blog – diary. Ask the other person to post regularly on it and share their views on various things. Be sure that there is a real match between both of you before you share your details.

    Beware of those who are in a hurry to get your contact details

  • Can I message many devotees & propose marriage - simultaneously

    If I “cluster bomb” many profiles with my messages, then one of them may become interested !

    If I take time to read each profile in detail and understand if I match their needs and if I really like what they like, the process may take a lot of time.

    I could send messages of interest to many people and they will then need to read my profile and then decide if they like me.

    It saves time and is probably more effective to get a partner in a short period of time.

    RIGHT ?


    This may help you get up on the wrong wall really fast !

    There are many flaws of this strategy.

    1. You are wasting so many devotees time & probably will earn bad karma !
    2. You might send an interest to someone you are not interested in, and if they become interested in you and you have to later refuse them, it will hurt their hearts. Not a wise thing to do, specially because you initiated the chat.
    3. If people start talking to each other and find out that you have messaged so many people at the same time, will you not run the risk of being branded a “flirt” or “immature” ?

    Some suggest that it is best to depend on Krishna – approach a devotee you like – start communicating – if they do not write back within a reasonable time, then write back – saying you are now going to start a discussion with another devotee, since they have not replied. This way you are always following proper Vaisnava etiquette. This is the recommended communication ethic.

    It is prudent to remember and remind others that we are getting married not for some personal satisfaction, but as a way and means to serve others and to serve God and society.

  • Why are some devotees not responding to my messages ?

    Firstly make sure that you have completed your Profile to 90% and above.

    Also make sure that you have put many photos of yourself and of your friends, family and lifestyle. You can upload videos of yourself on Youtube and upload the links in your Public Flickr Photos & YouTube Videos section of the profile.

    Include as many details about yourself as possible so that others can spot areas of common interest in your personality.

    After doing this, if you still do not get replies, then reasons could be

    • They are probably busy and have not seen it yet or will respond after some more time
    • Some may not be interested – and are shy to decline.
    • It is a good practice to try and send a Spiritual Friend Request first and then once you are accepted, you can message.
    • If a reply does not come in a reasonable span of time, you could search for others who match your desired criteria and contact them.
    • God has probably created someone else for you. Do not keep that someone waiting too long for you to initiate the contact.
    • All the very best

    One technical point to consider. We have limits on sending messages. So make sure that your sent messages are visible in the chat. If visible, this means they have been sent.

    • You can ask the web team to help you, if you have trouble with messaging anyone. We usually respond in a few hours.
  • Can I change my USERNAME ?

    Yes, you can. Click here to do it now 

    First login – go to My Profile – Settings – Change Username

    Do not make your Username in such a way that it shows your Mobile number or Email etc. This is against Privacy norms

  • Can I Edit my Profile ?

    Yes, you can. Click here to do it now 

    First login – go to My Profile – Edit Profile

    Please remember to put your Mobile Number, Email etc only in the correct place where we ask for it and not in other places. Do not post your Social links, Facebook link etc in places like “About me” or Workplace details

  • Should I upload a real photo of my face ?

    This is highly recommended for your benefit.

    In fact we insist on this for everyone, so that we know that you are a real person and you are who you claim you are.

    However if you have Privacy concerns then we can suggest some options.

    1. Put a photo which is not a closeup. This way you can maintain some privacy.
    2. You can put more photos – closeups of the face in your Private Profile and allow access to “Friends” only
    3. In case of serious privacy concerns, you can hide your photo from public display. Website Management needs to see a real picture of you to be sure of who you are.
    4. However, if you hide yourself, it is possible that fewer and fewer people will take your profile very seriously.

    We have heard comments from ladies that if a male member is so shy that he is unwilling to display photos of himself – then people may think

    • this could be a fake profile
    • or that this person is unsure of marriage
    • or that the intentions of this person may not be noble
    • or he is talking to multiple girls at the same time
    • or he could be engaged or married and is moonlighting here

    We recommend that everyone put their decent photos on the website and interact with dignity with each other.

    Marriage is a noble act and there is no need for anyone to be shy about their intention to get married. It is a decision which we have to respect and those who are putting their profiles and photos deserve our support, service and sincere respect.

  • Can I put a photo of Krishna or Radha or some other photo as my Profile Photo – Main Photo - Avatar ?

    Please avoid doing this. This website is for devotees. It is meant to help others to see your face, to know you more. In rare cases where you need more Privacy, you can Hide your Photos, Hide your profile etc. Please see FAQ on Privacy for this


    DEMO Profile – Please Click here

  • Can I put more photos of my life, my friends & family, places i like etc ?

    This is a great idea !

    This helps others see what kind of a life you have. You can do so in this way

    • Go to My Flickr Photos & Youtube Videos – how do you go there ? On the top Menu – click My Profile
    • Select My Flickr Photos & Youtube Videos
    • Select an Album from your Flickr Photos – Flickr is free – join flickr.com and upload your photos first and put them in an Album. Copy the Album link and put it in the Video link space on My Flickr Photos & Youtube Videos. Now your photos will show as a Gallery for everyone to see.
    • You can also use this to put a link to your favorite Youtube videosSee this profile to see how this has been done –


      DEMO Profile – Please Click here

  • I cannot be seen in Search Results or on Recently Active Members. Why ?

    Please make sure that you did not Hide yourself in My Privacy.

    This maybe also because you have not uploaded your real picture on your Profile Page or your profile is not yet approved or because you have not verified your email id. Check your email for this. Contact us in case of doubt.

  • Can I Hide my Profile ?

    Yes, you can. Please click here

    Many reasons why you might want to Hide your Profile or Pictures or Videos or certain details.

    1. You are taking a  break from the search for a partner
    2. You found someone interesting and wish to talk to him/her without disturbance from others
    3. You got engaged
    4. You got married and want to convert your Profile from a Suitor to a Married Profile. Yes, you can continue on this website as a married profile and help others, take help from others, share Recipes, share marriage experiences and also share ideas on how to raise children
  • I want to delete my Profile - How can I do that ?

    We have to follow some norms. Sometimes people come on websites, make some mischief and then wish to delete all trace of their activities and then leave. This is a problem not just for other users but also for the website.

    If you wish to HIDE your profile from everyone. Yes that is possible. Read our FAQ on hiding profiles.

    It has the following benefits

    1. The website will be able to comply with legal requirements. Nobody will use the website as a place to do something immoral or unethical. They will know that it can be detected in future if there is a complaint.
    2. Those who wish to leave can feel safe that nobody can make a false allegation on them. There will be records to prove your innocence.
    3. Those who leave after marriage can come back and change their profile status to MARRIED – and counsel others, share recipes, share married life experiences in their Diary and share resources and information for married couples and kids. It helps build a Community.
    4. In case, someone wishes to take a break and come back to search for a life partner, then one does not have to enter all that information and make a profile again.
  • Success stories – Why are they not regularly updated ?

    Sometimes people forget to let us know when they get married. Eventually they do tell us. Some stories have come from 6 years ago, 9 years ago and sometimes stories come from their little sisters or brothers after many many years.

    Sometimes married life is so overwhelming and they get busy with things and cannot send photos and a thank you note.

    This happens because marriage is a big turning point in a person’s life and they can forget the existence of this website quite rapidly.

    The fault is ours, we are not in regular touch with each and every member and are unable to provide the level of personalised service that is expected. Please forgive our lapses – and please inform us when you get married. Kindly send us your marriage or engagement photos and a small note – we will upload it on the website – so that everyone can get inspired by your good fortune.

    Please do not be shy – this is part of your service to the community of devotees. You will get the blessings of everyone – and you will also inspire many aspiring marriage candidates.

    You can see some of the Success stories here

    Some people share a misconception. They think that if they share their good fortune of marriage with others, then they might have some troubles. This is not true ! In fact when you tell others about the good news of marriage, you will receive so many good wishes and we will also pray for you. Your luck and good fortune will improve.

    You can also Join our community of married devotees also and inspire others and share knowledge.

  • What do I do after I get married ?


    If you got married with the help of this website, then kindly send us some marriage photos and a small letter with your experience. We will upload it in our Success Stories and this will inspire many others.

    If you did not get married through this website, we are still happy for you and will be happy to post your photos and your letter which can help others to understand how to go ahead with finding the right partner.

    We also invite Married Couples to be registered on the Website as Counsellors and Helpers. You just need to change your status from Suitor to Married in your profile.

    We will help you set it up and be a useful contributing member to the Community.

    Benefits are

    1. Many devotees can get advice and help from you
    2. You can get support and guidance from other married couples here
    3. You can post your personal blog – diary – with recipes and other information – videos etc – which are relevant to married couples and for children.
    4. Having a good supporting community is very helpful to keep the right consciousness.
  • I had a bad experience - what to do ?

    Sometimes someone does not behave properly with us. What are our options

    1. We can Block the person. This prevents that person from contacting you or seeing your information
    2. We can report the person to the management so that we can Ban obnoxious elements.
    3. If you become irritated with the behaviour of someone else who uses this website – then you are making them more powerful, by focussing on them.
    4. Best action is for you to complain about the person, block him or her and carry on your search for your Soulmate. Do not let their Negative energy overpower your Positive nature
    5. Please DO NOT GIVE your personal contact details, email id, address, mobile number etc to anyone – unless you know them well enough. Some people may misuse your trust and may even take money from you or trouble you.
    6. Be careful – all online entities are not Saintly.

    I hope your experience with us has been good – if we made any mistakes – please forgive us – and tell us – and then we will try to improve it.

    We sincerely seek your blessings to be able to serve Lord Krishna and His devotees nicely. Hare Krishna

  • How to search for a devotee who is right for me ?

    Firstly chant the Holy Names of the Lord & receive blessings from your elders and spiritual guides.

    We have options for Search like

    • Search by Age
    • Search by Age & Country
    • Search by Distance from Location
    • Other Advanced Search options

    For each profile in the Member Directory, you will find details of their Country, Height, Mother Tongue and a lot of other details given, so that you can do your search easily.

    Some Search Criteria we have temporarily limited to certain Donor Levels because we would incur much more costs if we offered it to everyone.

    However we hope and pray that there will be plenty of funds in the future to offer these to everyone.

    This limitation on Search will not adversely affect the Non Donating User. Free Users will also have access to all the information that Donors have, but will need to spend a little more time to find the right person. We believe this is also good, because you will have the chance to carefully study a lot more profiles carefully.

    Marriage will truly be a labour of love for those who carefully study profiles to find the right devotee to marry.

  • How are Profiles arrange in the Member Directory

    Usually you will see the Most Recently Active members first.

    You can also sort by Last Registered on the website.

    Featured Profiles are usually our kind donors or someone whom we have featured because of some special circumstances.

  • Do I need a Counsellor ?

    Some believe, it may be a wise idea to involve a senior devotee or Counselor in your search.

    Love can be blind (at times) – so best to have another pair of eyes. An experienced person can help you make a better decision – so that you dont have to regret a choice made in haste.

    We have tens of thousands of members on the website, and more are joining everyday. We sincerely believe that your chosen one will connect with you sooner or later.

  • What if I have less time & need special help

    Sometimes some devotees are busy and have a lot to do on the professional front. They might have a tight professional schedule or some other service which keeps them busy.

    If you do not have sufficient time to search for profiles, we assist you in that.

    We can connect you with some Helpers who can do this Search and Preliminary Contact on your behalf. These “Helpers” are usually some ladies who do this in exchange for some money. The money they earn from this, helps them meet their living expenses and in some cases helps to pay for the needs of their families.

    We urge you to loosen your purse strings and offer them a good sum of money as a gesture of your kindness.

    In all dealings with others, kindly maintain Vaishnava etiquette.

    It will be good to remember that Fortunes are good, and money can corrupt even good souls and make them proud. So we should be very careful to be humble and kind in our dealings with others who have less material comforts than us.

    Thank you and all the best !

  • Caution
    • This website is strictly for marriage purposes.
    • It is not a dating website.
    • We have provided a Spiritual friendship option. Devotees can make ‘Spiritual friends’ to take advice and help from devotees.
    • This is not a platform for frivolous talk, gossip or dating.
    • We aim to help devotees find true Spiritual love in a Krishna conscious marriage. This ‘Spiritual love’ is different from the so called ‘bodily love’. Love on the spiritual platform is centered around Krishna.
    • If we get complaints of misbehaviour – we will be forced to ban that account. We will not delete it, because if deleted, they may use the same email id and phone number to register again.
    • Beware of giving your email, phone or facebook id to someone prematurely. They can misuse it and harass you and embarrass you later.
    • If someone sends an inappropriate message, please report the profile. Please do not get into fights with a negative profile. It is safer to ignore their messages. If you ignore someone they will go away, verbal fights can escalate into greater dangers.
    • We care about your safety and will try to help you; but the internet can be lawless. And people can claim they never said something, delete messages or claim the account was hacked.
    • Laws are harder to implement on the internet than in real life. Also people can hide their true identity & be in another country.
    • Best is to exercise caution, and when you are sure about the other person, initiate contact through a superior. A senior devotee can help & protect you in making contact – outside the privacy and safety of this website. Your parents can help too.
    • Try to get references about the person from other senior devotees before you proceed. We can assist you by speaking to the Temple President and Senior Devotees who know the person you select.
    • Please try to be humble and polite and avoid a negative person. This is safer. Report negative personalities and we will ban their profiles. We will not delete profiles, because if deleted, they may use the same email id and phone number to register again.
    • Please cooperate. Thank you. Hare Krishna.