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As a new  user, you should be excited – very soon you can search for all the wonderful people on this website and make new spiritual friends.

You can also discuss with many senior devotees and gain valuable information. The role of Gurus, Counsellors and family is very important for this. We STRONGLY recommend taking advice from superiors and also blessings.

So you can and should do many more things before you select the right person and get married. You can come back to this website & do many things on this site – even after your marriage – to help others find the right partner. Married devotees SHOULD ALSO REGISTER – and indicate that they are here to offer help and advice. Newcomers can benefit from their experience.

In all dealings with others we request you to maintain Vaisnava etiquette.

One important thing – please try to LOGIN regularly.

UNLESS you LOGIN and do something on the site – like say – send a message or post something or add some information about yourself – you will be shown as inactive – so kindly become active – and then you will be on top of the Search Results and will also be shown on the main page of the website.

Upload a picture, share spiritual information with your friends here, read the nice articles and watch the videos we post and try to find that special someone. But before you do all that remember that a strong daily spiritual practice – Sadhana – Chanting and Reading and Hearing – are the fundamentals which help you to meet the right person and make the right impact. 

Now a few words of Caution

  • This website is strictly for marriage purposes.
  • It is not a dating website.
  • We have provided a Spiritual friendship option. Devotees can make ‘Spiritual friends’ to take advice and help from devotees.
  • This is not a platform for frivolous talk, gossip or dating.
  • We aim to help devotees find true Spiritual love in a Krishna conscious marriage. This ‘Spiritual love’ is different from the so called ‘bodily love’. Love on the spiritual platform is centered around Krishna.
  • If we get complaints of misbehaviour – we will be forced to delete that account.
  • Beware of giving your email, phone or facebook id to someone prematurely. They can misuse it and harass you and embarrass you in public.
  • If someone sends an inappropriate message, please report the profile. Please do not get into fights with a negative profile. It is safer to ignore their messages. If you ignore someone they will go away, verbal fights can escalate into greater dangers.
  • We care about your safety and will try to help you; but the internet can be lawless. And people can claim they never said something, delete messages or claim the account was hacked.
  • Laws are harder to implement on the internet than in real life. Also people can hide their identity.
  • Best is to exercise caution, and when you are sure about the person, contact through a superior. A senior devotee can help & protect you in making contact – outside the privacy and safety of this website. Your parents can help too.
  • Try to get references about the person from other senior devotees before you proceed. We can assist you by speaking to the Temple President and Senior Devotees who know the person you select.
  • Please try to be humble and polite and avoid a negative person. This is safer. Report negative personalities and we will delete their profiles.
  • Please cooperate. Thank you. Hare Krishna.


We recommend taking shelter of Spiritual Counselors to advise on how to communicate & get background information of any person of interest. Devotees can benefit from the experience of senior counselors. This saves one from future marital discord & divorce. Stated facts on an online profile maybe inaccurate. Please verify facts by talking to senior devotees. Please don’t ‘fall’ in love online or on the phone. Usually this is a dangerous trap. Follow a stepwise approach to getting to know a person before marriage. Get to know the person online, then verify with devotees, get married, then love will evolve.

You can use the Contact Us link to write to us.

We welcome donations because it helps us improve things on the website and keep the service going. If you can donate a dollar or two once in a while – that will not be insignificant. Every drop counts. Your gesture may be noticed by Lord Krishna even if it is unnoticed by people of this world.

All the best

Hare Krishna

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