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We are going to try and compile a list of Frequently Asked Questions and provide the answers here. We pray that the devotees bless us in our services.

1. Can I use this website free of cost ?

Yes it is free to use for all necessary services.

2. Can I donate something ?

It is said by the wise that expressing gratitude makes us worthy to receive more. In giving more we receive more.

Some Ladies may prefer a man who has the heart and the money to donate a little a month.

Some men may prefer a lady who is kind enough to take a little out of her expenses for the month and donate.

Donating speaks much about your personality.

What should I put on my profile and what should I not put ?

We recommend not putting your email – phone number and other details on the profile.

Why ?

We suggested a profile to a lady recently and she told us ” I think this person might not give me a good life after marriage.”

We asked “Why ?”

She answered ” His profile says he is a Not a Donor – so he does not Donate. This means he is either not charitable, or is not serious about marriage. Also he has put his contact details on the Profile – so he might be avoiding to donate anything for using these services. How can I expect him to want to spend for his wife and children in the future ?”

Perception is Reality for many. So it is better to not give the wrong idea about yourself.

We can always use money you donate to improve the website and also to pay to continue the service.

One can express his appreciation by words, time, actions or money.

You can offer to help in many ways as per your ability. Please write to us on the Contact Us form.  You may also Whatsapp the number given below.

You may pay our many service providers directly rather than send money to us – this increases transparency, saves time and gives you control on how your donation will be used.


3. Can I change my USERNAME – First Name – Last Name – Nickname – Display Name – and also Edit my Profile ?

Yes you may change everything  – you just have to first Login – Then ?

  • Go to My Profile – how do you go there ? On the top Menu – click My Profile
  • Then click the drop down menu on the right – close to your picture on the right side.
    Select Profile Settings – Account Settings – Change avatar – whatever you need to do. You can also hide your profile

you can change all your details easily.

4. Why are some devotees not responding to my messages ?

They are probably busy and have not seen it – in other cases they may not be interested – and are shy to decline. You can contact the Counselor whose number they may have given or ask the website admin team to help you.

5. Can I message many devotees and propose marriage – one of them may become interested ? If I write to them one by one – I may lose a lot of time !!!

It is not proper etiquette to stay in contact with many devotees for marriage at the same time.

  • What if all of them become interested in you ?
  • Also if devotees communicate with one another – and remember the devotee community is very very small – you could be branded a flirt – or as someone who is just wasting time.

Please depend on Krishna – approach a devotee you like – start communicating – if they do not write back within a reasonable time, then write back – saying you are now going to start a discussion with another devotee. This way you are always following proper Vaisnava behavior.

We have some limitations on number of messages per day for Not a Donors.

Members who have donated are given higher number of messages per day.

We also feature some profiles if there is an emergency and also we appreciate our Donors this way.

6. Should I upload a photo – a real photo of my face ?

Yes – we recommend this – specially if you are a male devotee.

Ladies can consult with their superiors and then decide to put up a photo. We do not compel ladies – matajis to upload photos of themselves. This is their choice. 

If a male devotee is so shy that he is unwilling to put a photo of his – then

  • people may think this is a fake profile
  • or that this person is too shy to get married
  • or that the intentions of this person may not be noble
  • BUT you can display the contacts of your Counselor and or Parents – and request the girl’s family or well wishers to contact you. This way you can express your seriousness and sincerity without showing your photo.

7. Can I put more photos of my life, my friends etc ?

Yes – this is useful. This helps others to see what kind of a life you have.
You can do so in this way

  • Go to My Profile – how do you go there ? On the top Menu – click My Profile
  • Then click the drop down menu on the right – close to your picture on the right side.
    Select Widgets Settings
  • Select Quote for the Day – say what you like
  • Select My Flickr Photos – enter your Flickr Id which looks like this – 35955849@N00 – Enter it and save changes. Now your photos will show on the right side of your profile. It looks great.( In case your Flickr id is not like this but like this
    Dont worry – paste it here

    For this link it gets the id in the desired format which is id: 129609017@N02 )

  • You can also link your profile with Instagram and then your pictures will show on your profile in the My Photos section.

See this profile to see how this has been done –

DEMO Profile – Please Click here

8. Can I put a photo or Krishna or Radha or some devotional photo as my Profile Photo – Main Photo ?

No. Sorry, please avoid doing this. This website is for devotees of Krishna. It is meant to help others to see your face, to know you more etc. If you want to put pictures of Krishna & Radha and other devotional pictures –  you can do so on the My Gallery Links on your profile. For this  you have to upload photos as described in Point 7 above.

See this profile to see how this has been done –

DEMO Profile – Please Click here

In case you want to hide your face from the general public and show your Pictures only to selected members – friends – then you can use the options of Flickr and Instagram – and put a picture of Krishna or Radha on your profile picture and follow the steps mentioned in Point 11 below.

9. I cannot be seen in Search Results or on Recently Active Members. Why ?

This maybe because you have not uploaded your real picture on your Profile Page or your profile is not yet approved or because you have not verified your email id. Check your email for this. Contact us in case of doubt.

We also feature some profiles if there is an emergency and also we appreciate our Donors this way.

10.  I am unable to login at times – I get a FORBIDDEN error – why is this ?

  • firstly try to login after a short while. chant a few rounds of the Hare Krishna Mahamantra while you wait. By the grace of the Lord you will be able to find a good spouse.
  • you can try to delete the cache from your browser or use a different browser.
  • please try using a different computer. it is possible that your computer may have overused the site and some firewall or protection mechanism has blocked your ip address.
  • you tried with an incorrect user name and password too many times – wait for sometime

i wish you all the best. Our request is that you do not click too fast on the site – and not use it for too long at one time. take it easy.

We have a strong firewall and protection because the site is being attacked by many bots and spammers. Thank you and all the best.

11. How do I keep Profile Privacy and if needed deactivate my account?

You have the following options

  1. Hide your profile from the general public and google search results. How do you I do that ?
    Go first to My Profile on the top Menu.  Then click the drop down menu on the right – close to your picture on the right side.
    Select Account Settings
    Select Basic Privacy Settings and change Privacy Settings to Only Logged in Users.
  2. Hide your profile from members also and show it to only Friends
    To do this – Go first to My Profile on the top Menu.  Then click the drop down menu on the right – close to your picture on the right side.
    Select Account Settings and then click Account Privacy and choose the Private Account and Save Changes. This way only Spiritual Friends on the website can see your profile.
  3. In both the above cases – your profile photo and the cover photo will be visible – and your profile will appear in the Search results – but your profile details will not be visible. This means all the wonderful things which you wrote about yourself – your spiritual life, your habits, hobbies, astrological details, your Flickr Photos, Instagram photos etc will not be visible. You can use this in the following situation – Suppose you found someone interesting on the website and both of you are talking to each other – and want to know each other for a few weeks or months – and do not want to be disturbed by others.

    – In some special cases, you can also remove your profile picture and put some other picture – till you are ready.

  4. If you get married – you can still stay on the website and advise others – you can become a Counsellor on the website. However, if you decide to leave the website, then you can send a private message to us – and then we can delete your profile  for you.However in case we are slow to respond, we also have a facility by which you are able to delete your own profile. In Account Settings – you can click Delete Account.But before you do so – we have a request – we need some information from you & after that we need your blessings. We are offering this service free of charge to devotees. We want to make it better over time. So please tell us why you want to leave us – is it because
  • You got engaged or married – if so please share the good news with us – and write a testimonial – this will inspire others on the website to also find their life partner. If you got married through some other website or connections, then you can give some advice to others on this website.
    You can stay on as a Counsellor on this website.
  • You had a bad experience with us – someone on the website behaved badly with you – or some of the features were not upto your expectations. In such a case – we apologize. We would like to have your Feedback so that we can rectify things – make them better. Please let us know – so we can improve the service.
  • If you become irritated with the behaviour of someone else who uses this website – then you are making them more powerful. Best is you complain about the person, block him or her and carry on your search for your Soulmate.
  • Please DO NOT GIVE your personal contact details, email id, address, mobile number etc to anyone – unless you know them well enough. Some people may misuse your trust and may even take money from you or trouble you.
    Be careful – all online entities are not Saintly.

I hope your experience with us has been good – if we made any mistakes – please forgive us – and tell us – and then we will try to improve it.

We sincerely seek your blessings to be able to serve Lord Krishna and His devotees nicely. Hare Krishna

12. Success stories – Why are they not regularly updated ?

Sadly some people forget to let us know when they get married. This happens because marriage is a big turning point in a person’s life and they can forget the existence of this website quite rapidly.  The fault is ours, we are not in regular touch with each member and are unable to provide much personalised service. Please forgive our lapses – and please inform us when you get married. Kindly send us your marriage or engagement photos and a small note – we will upload it on the website – so that everyone can get inspired by your good fortune. Please do not be shy – this is part of your service to the community of devotees. You will get the blessings of everyone – and you will also inspire many aspiring marriage candidates.

You can see some of the Success stories here

13. My photos that I uploaded to the Gallery are missing – why is this ? Where can I find them ?

We are sorry for this trouble – but unfortunately to save this website from overload and some other issues – we cannot allow upload of many photos onto this website. However you can easily upload many photos onto sites like flickr and instagram and link them here. Your photos will be beautifully displayed as a slideshow on your profile page. To do this please see the answer to Question 7 above.


How to search for a devotee

Firstly chant Hare Krishna & receive blessings of the Lord.

Then do the following.

Click the Devotee Search button on the top right next to Success Stories & Feedback.

Once you click it then it will open a page – wait and pray as it opens fully.

On the page you will see

+ Quick Search

+ Search by Age

+ Search by Age & Country of Residence now

and finally

+ Detailed Search for the right Devotee

All Members …

Below will be the List of Members  –


Select the Search criteria which is important for you – The Detailed Search is probably best for exact things you need.

Once you click it – the Box will expand – to show your search criteria.

Then Press Search – and finally the page will open with List of Members as per your Search.

It will look like something like this depending on your Search

All Members (….)

YOU CAN ORDER THE MEMBERS BY – Last Active or Newest Registered

Featured profiles – we appreciate our Donors this way.

You can open the website on your Mobile or Tablet and also use it.

It may also be a wise idea to involve a senior devotee or Counselor in your search. Love can be blind (at times) – so best to have another pair of eyes. An experienced person can help you make a better decision – so that you dont have to regret a choice made in haste.

All the best

Hare Krishna

Hare Krishna

As a new  user, you should be excited – very soon you can search for all the wonderful people on this website and make new spiritual friends.

You can also discuss with many senior devotees and gain valuable information. The role of Gurus, Counsellors and family is very important for this. We STRONGLY recommend taking advice from superiors and also blessings.

So you can and should do many more things before you select the right person and get married. You can come back to this website & do many things on this site – even after your marriage – to help others find the right partner. Married devotees SHOULD ALSO REGISTER – and indicate that they are here to offer help and advice. Newcomers can benefit from their experience.

 In all dealings with others we request you to maintain Vaisnava etiquette.

One important thing – please try to LOGIN regularly.

UNLESS you LOGIN and do something on the site – like say – send a message or post something or add some information about yourself – you will be shown as inactive – so kindly become active – and then you will be on top of the Search Results and will also be shown on the main page of the website.

Upload a picture, share spiritual information with your friends here, read the nice articles and watch the videos we post and try to find that special someone. But before you do all that remember that a strong daily spiritual practice – Sadhana – Chanting and Reading and Hearing – are the fundamentals which help you to meet the right person and make the right impact. 

Now a few words of Caution

  • This website is strictly for marriage purposes.
  • It is not a dating website.
  • We have provided a Spiritual friendship option. Devotees can make ‘Spiritual friends’ to take advice and help from devotees.
  • This is not a platform for frivolous talk, gossip or dating.
  • We aim to help devotees find true Spiritual love in a Krishna conscious marriage. This ‘Spiritual love’ is different from the so called ‘bodily love’. Love on the spiritual platform is centered around Krishna.
  • If we get complaints of misbehaviour – we will be forced to delete that account.
  • Beware of giving your email, phone or facebook id to someone prematurely. They can misuse it and harass you and embarrass you in public.
  • If someone sends an inappropriate message, please report the profile. Please do not get into fights with a negative profile. It is safer to ignore their messages. If you ignore someone they will go away, verbal fights can escalate into greater dangers.
  • We care about your safety and will try to help you; but the internet can be lawless. And people can claim they never said something, delete messages or claim the account was hacked.
  • Laws are harder to implement on the internet than in real life. Also people can hide their identity.
  • Best is to exercise caution, and when you are sure about the person, contact through a superior. A senior devotee can help & protect you in making contact – outside the privacy and safety of this website. Your parents can help too.
  • Try to get references about the person from other senior devotees before you proceed. We can assist you by speaking to the Temple President and Senior Devotees who know the person you select.
  • Please try to be humble and polite and avoid a negative person. This is safer. Report negative personalities and we will delete their profiles.
  • Please cooperate. Thank you. Hare Krishna.

We recommend taking shelter of Spiritual Counselors to advise on how to communicate & get background information of any person of interest. Devotees can benefit from the experience of senior counselors. This saves one from future marital discord & divorce. Stated facts on an online profile maybe inaccurate. Please verify facts by talking to senior devotees. Please don’t ‘fall’ in love online or on the phone. Usually this is a dangerous trap. Follow a stepwise approach to getting to know a person before marriage. Get to know the person online, then verify with devotees, get married, then love will evolve.

You can use the Contact Us link to write to us.

We welcome donations because it helps us improve things on the website and keep the service going. If you can donate a dollar or two once in a while – that will not be insignificant. Every drop counts. Your gesture may be noticed by Lord Krishna even if it is unnoticed by people of this world.

Please use this link to donate

All the best

Hare Krishna