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As a human being, some values that drive him on a daily basis include humility, being of service, communication, empathy, equality, equity, kindness, reflection, gratitude, adaptability, giving back & transparency. He cultivates his values regularly & is also curious by nature. He cares about giving back to his motherland & making the world a better place whenever feasible & also values aligning his career goals with this in mind while also being respectful & supportive to his life partner’s career goals. By profession, he is a software programmer/consultant & just someone who cares about people & his work. He keeps himself healthy with Yoga, meditation & blogs to periodically share his experiences. He enjoys traveling whenever feasible as he gets to learn about things other people value in their lives through their diverse perspectives & it’s also a wonderful way through which he can explore beautiful creations worldwide. He feels blessed to have visited countries like Finland, Prague, those in DACH region, USA, Denmark, Luxembourg, Spain, Poland, Nigeria, Malaysia. He’s specifically worked out of Singapore & England in the past apart from his current workplace – Germany. He enjoys being in nature & is grateful to be living & working out of Berlin which is not only multicultural in terms of its inhabitants but is also a wonderful place with many beautiful parks where one can take a good walk or spend some quality time sitting by a bench & observe children play in the nearby playground or parents enjoying a cycle ride/walk in nature alongside their children or just people taking their dogs for a stroll alongside playing the game of fetch with them & at the same time also naturally connecting with other people who bring their dogs to these parks, all of this serves as a constant reminder to him of how much of life’s true beauty lies in these small things 🙂 Mohnish follows a Sattvik diet & is grateful for the positivity it brings along. He’d also like to be respectful of one’s time & would like to let you know that due to a few reasons moving out of Berlin(where he’s currently based out of) is not really an option for him at the moment. Nevertheless, Mohnish is happy to talk through things & learn how it would be for the other person too & let’s see where it can take us, its at least better than not trying to find a middle ground. On a lighter note :), some other things that he also likes doing periodically include – watching movies, documentaries & playing games like Ultimate Frisbee, Badminton, Ludo & Uno to name a few 🙂 He also has great respect for Indian culture but at the same time, he’s open-minded & respectful towards other people’s traditions & cultures in general. Lastly, our family values horoscope matching. Please do share this detail if you’d like to connect.

My horoscope details:
Name: Mohnish Gemini Jadwani Time of birth: 10:02 pm Date of birth: 17th July 1988 Place of birth: Bangalore(Bengaluru), India

Best wishes in ur partner search or that for a near & dear 1:)

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3. Lifestyle

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Keep it Healthy, Vegetarian, Prasadam

How do you live ?

Live alone

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No, never

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My sense of humour

I am into

Walking / Hiking, Yoga

Things I do to have fun

– Spend time in nature

– Seva

– Read books

– Travel

– Attend meetups, conferences and meet people from different walks of life to learn from their diverse perspectives and in general I value to just connect with people at a more human level


My favorites

– Walking in nature

Things I like to read

– Biographies

– More about our roots(as an Indian) and books/scriptures like Mahabharata, Ramayana etc.,

– Learn more about different cultures worldwide and what I could learn from each culture/way of living

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I work as a senior developer for a UK based company called Indeed Flex( from Berlin, Germany. Working as an independent/self-employed professional allows me to work for best companies worldwide while continuing to reside in Germany.

My education

I plan to help with this service by

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Janma Nakshatra

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Ascendant - Lagna




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He feels words like expectation are many a times too strong for his liking but some of the qualities that he would appreciate in his life partner include – authenticity, humility, fun loving, empathy, being liberal, being introspective, caring towards everyone in general, somebody whom he can learn from and who can challenge him from time to time(and whom he could as well) to be a better version of himself. Being ambitious, he is looking for a better half who is accommodating to that and the same can be expected from him towards his partners goals. He is looking for a working person that follows a Vegetarian/Vegan/Jain/Sattvik diet.

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