Bridging the 17 hour time difference to get joyfully married

We would both like to take this opportunity to really thank the devotees who maintain this website.

Never in our lives had either of us imagined meeting someone over 12,000 kilometres away, but because of this website,  it happened. Now, after nearly seven months of juggling work commitments, devotional service and building and maintaining a relationship across a 17 hour time difference, we were married in a beautiful and simple ceremony at the ISKCON centre in the city of Manaus, Brasil, surrounded by loving friends and well-wishers, and all watched over by the caring glance of Sri Sri Gaura Nitai.


We see this relationship as the mercy of Sri Damodara and Sri Nityananda. Imagine, both of us were completely unaware of the other’s existence, yet we were both praying (Aditi to the love of her life, Nityananda, and me to the love of my life, Damodara) to enter in to a serious and committed relationship with someone else to help our Krsna consciousness. Krsna is perfect. He arranged all of this and now we both want to show our gratitude by sharing the magic of Krsna consciousness with others more and more.


Because of this website, we were able to connect with each other and begin a very real and very satisfying relationship, which, at times, was made difficult because of the distance and time difference. But we both made it work and now, that we are together face to face after more than six months of emails, postcards, and skype calls, we see that it was all worthwhile and we also look back and see that it formed a strong foundation for a relationship. We both made sacrifices and learned so many valuable lessons, which were only made possible through a long-distance relationship.  We
both worked hard to make this relationship work. After just over six
months, I travelled on four airplanes for a total of 21 hours and 15
minutes and crossed the southern ocean all for a devotee I had cultivated a deep connection with, which began with one letter through the website

Thank you to all our friends, well-wishers who helped us along the way and showed tolerance and understanding when we were tired from staying up late or getting up early to make skype calls to each other.

Thank you to Mahaprabhu Caitanya prabhu for this wonderful service of bringing Prabhupada’s followers together to increase their service, dedication, and commitment to him. And, we would, of course, like to thank Krsna for everything.

Your servants,
Sevananda and Aditi

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