Do you need help or do you want to help ?

[shortcode-variables slug=”sc-username”] thank you for visiting this website. If you want to help devotees in any way then let us know and we will attempt to facilitate.  Or do you want some help [shortcode-variables slug=”sc-username”] ?

We can help you get your marriage registered in India through an advocate – contact us – to get the marriage process done fast.

[shortcode-variables slug=”sc-username”] Please write to us – we can try to help

Ways to help

1. Donate for Goshala – cow care

2. Donate for temple construction

3. Donate for food Prasadam distribution

4. Donate for the care of Senior members of the Vaishnava community

5. Offer your locked up Flat or Home or Land in the HolyDhams or cities for use to deserving devotees.

Or, do you want to buy- sell or rent in Mayapur – Vrindavan ?

6. Offer your time and effort for various services

And many more opportunities to serve or receive services

Write to us


16 Replies to “Do you need help or do you want to help ?”

  1. Hare Krishna prabhuji.
    Dandvat Pranam
    Please remove my marriage profile from this website because now i am already married last year of may 2017

    1. We hope you have success – soon. You can also make prayers to Lord Krishna for this – it works..
      You can also contact us directly for help in this matter – is our email id – we will try to help personally also.
      Please whatsapp on +918660880251

  2. Hk prabhus,
    You are doing. Agreat service to vaishnava community.

    Im not able to send message or request friend. The pop message is going very fast.tried so much fed up.

  3. गुरु जी कृपया मेरे आइडि को स्पष्ट रूप से बंद कर दिजिए

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