Are you using the Counselor – Guide – Matchmaker option on this website to get maximum benefit

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Dear devotees – Are you using the Counselor – Guide – Matchmaker option on this website to get maximum benefit ?

You will be able to provide the name of the person you know – and hide it if you so desire – and reveal it when you choose.

The email id and phone number (whatsapp id) of the Counselor – Guide or Matchmaker – will be always HIDDEN – only you and the website ADMIN can see it. We can give it to someone if you make a special request.

Also this way – some good references about you will be available – and this will give confidence to people who correspond with you.

The senior devotee can also help to Match you with the best candidate. Happily Married Devotees are also good Matchmakers – you can request them to help you also.


Hare Krishna


7 Replies to “Are you using the Counselor – Guide – Matchmaker option on this website to get maximum benefit”

  1. Is there a facility on this site whereby I can find a husband for my daughter? The article mentions the Counselor – Guide – Matchmaker option but I cannot see anywhere on the site where this option can be taken up.

    Please advise.


  2. And the women are declaring “independent.” They are begging door to door to a man, “Please give me shelter. Give me a child,” and they’re independent.
    Hmm? One American woman was…, she was speaking that “In India the woman are treated as slave. We don’t want.” So I told her that it is better to become slave of one person than to slave of become hundreds. [laughter] The woman must become a slave. So instead of becoming slaves of so many persons, it is better to remain satisfied a slave of one person. So she was stopped.

    Our Vedic civilization says, nari-rupam pati-vratam: “The woman is beautiful when she remains as a slave to the husband.” That is the beauty, not the personal beauty. How much she has learned to remain as a slave to the husband, that is Vedic civilization. Kokilanam svaro rupam. The cuckoo, it
    is black bird, but why people love it? Because of the sweet voice. Kokilanam svaro rupam vidya-rupam kurupanam [Canakya Pandita]. A man may be ugly, black, but if he’s learned, everyone will respect him. And nari-rupam pati-vratam. And the beauty of woman is how much she is devoted and obedient to the husband.

    Srila Prabhupada — March 19, 1976, Mayapur

  3. Hare Krishna,
    We are looking for a bride from Nepali community for my son, 27 yrs.
    How to contact and proceed?
    Narendra Pradhan
    ISKCON Life member

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