Management Professor Braja Lila Devi Dasi marries a soldier from Lithuania

We received this sweet letter from these devotees – they informed us late about their marriage – but the news is sweeter now – since we get to see their wonderful son – and hear of the great life they are having together. Please read the letter below.

Hare Krishna Dandavad Pranams

I am happy to marry a devotee through the web site . I was married in 2010 and have a great happy devotional married life . Could not ask Krishna for a better partner than a devotee , My husband was a soldier and I am a Professor of management studies we have a son “Madhav “.

My husband is always positive and supportive . I respect and take his
opinion in all i do and do it with his support and consent . I am a great
cook and he loves prasadam too !!!!!!!!



I am Indian and he is Lithuanian but he loves India .

My husband has now moved to India this year 2015 and we are leading a happy life , we visit all dhams together , do devotional service together and support each other in material life too !!!!!!!!

Marrying devotees is definitely the best choice . What to talk about the husband who is so clean in mind , heart and leads a pious life !!!!!

Thanks to Srila Prabhupada for having created such a beautiful family of devotees ! Teaching them how to lead perfect life and work towards back to godhead !!

Hari Bol

Braj Lila Devi Dasi

I am attaching some pictures too !!!

4 Replies to “Management Professor Braja Lila Devi Dasi marries a soldier from Lithuania”

  1. Hare Krsna Mathaji,
    It’s true devotee couples always free of worries and in bliss. As you have mentioned that it is really a devotee heart will be clean and bliss. We all indebted to Srila Prabhupada and his disciples carry forwarding the movement all over the world.
    We are also looking for a suitable boy for my daughter if you know anyone please send message to us.
    Hari boll!

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