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    1. No keeps coming up with “An error has occured. Please try again”.
      This is after I have changed my password

  1. Haribol,
    When i am inputting my user name and clicking on lost password, i am not getting any link for reset password. Please advice.

    1. Congrats – you are fortunate.
      We modified your profile to reflect that you are now married. We humbly request you to login, make some more changes to your profile – and add pictures of your husband and you – marriage photos if possible – on your profile.
      This will encourage others who are also looking for a lifepartner. Kindly do this as a service for other devotees – to inspire them. Thank you and all the best.

    1. you can hide things you would not like to show now – by going to top right of page – hover over your “username”, then hover over “Settings” and then you will see “General” “Email” and then you can click “Profile”
      You will then go to the this url

      From here you can Edit settings you want to show others or hide – or only show Friends.

      I hope this helps you – please let me know if I can serve you more. Hare Krishna

  2. Hare Krishnaa……………..That side Swati Gulati(Shree Prabhu Rakshanti) From New Delhi.
    I am finding a suitable match for my marriage………But i dont got any of request till………….So may i know that what shoyld i have to add in my details .

    Hare Krishnaaa…!!

    1. In your profile it is good to write about yourself and also about what you want from your future spouse. Also you could consult with your superiors and decide whether you want to put your pictures or not. Hare Krishna

    1. Malina ji – Hare Krishna. We encourage you to continue on the site, even if you have found a soulmate. We request members to change their preference in the field Here seeking (required) to Advice or Friendship or Nothing Just Looking or Thanks I got married or To Help Others – as per their current scenario.
      If you want to leave because someone is troubling you on the site – then please tell us and we will talk to that person about their misbehavior.
      However if you still wish to leave for your personal reasons, please tell us and we will delete it from our software.
      For all communications, please send a PRIVATE MESSAGE on my profile.
      THANK YOU. Hare Krishna.

  3. hare krishna,
    i registered recently, i didn’t got any conformation mail to activate my account.
    thanks in advance
    hare krishna.

    1. there is no active profile by that email id [email protected] – you dont have to register again. i just activated your profile. But please check your mailbox and spam folder also – the email should have come. Please let me know if it has not come – so I can verify.
      Hare Krishna

  4. No activation links being received – signed up with 2 different email addresses. I think there is bug somewhere in system. Hare Krishna

  5. HareKrishna Prabhuji,
    I just realized that in the feedback you have to answer same question repetitively. It might be a boring task,
    So, just let me know if i can help you in preparing the detailed frequently asked questions (FAQs). I would be glad to do that Seva.
    Also, what about the software part? did you find suitable help?
    or just mail me your no. i will glad to discuss about it.
    I tried to get new password, but didn’t get any e-mails. ( already checked spams and tried few times).
    If i try to register again with my e-mail id, it says that the e-mail is already registered.
    Thank you

  6. Hare Krishna Prabhu,
    Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.
    Thanks for providing a website that is free of service for devotees to find suitable partners. If I may ask the reason for the change in format from the old to the new one?
    Hari Bol!

    1. PAMHO prabhu – thank you for your appreciation – we desire your blessings. the old one was slower and hence the hosting company was displeased – and this was resulting in shutdowns and the service was interrupted. now we hope the service can be improved.
      please advise us on your needs and issues – so we can try to serve you.

  7. harekrishna danavats I had account on this website but now as this site is renewed my account has been deleted please do something my account username is chetankchaudhari. haribol

    1. is this happening when you view your profile when you are logged in ? – or is it happening when you see the profile on being logged out.
      in some cases this maybe because of the cached pages. please confirm – so i can check this.
      has the updated details been saved properly ?

  8. Thanks to this Great website, maintained by devotees, I finally found my Life partner. We are very grateful to all and prey for mercy of all devotees so that we can progress in Krishna Consciousness, in Grihastha Ashram.
    Radhikaraman_das_bcs and Kaninap

    1. Kindly send a private message to me on the site – and then i can deactivate it for you. I hope your experience has been good – if we made any mistakes – please forgive us – and tell us – and then we will try to improve it. Hare Krishna

  9. Haribol Prabhu , already some days I’m trying to log my profile and Feedback appearing on is always: forbbiden – please see what is happening .. wainting your replay ..thanks , Jay Nrsimha

  10. Hi, Hare Krishna,

    unable to log-in last few days, I see others can log in fine, as receiving emails, so issue is with my account only for some reason.

    Below 2 bugs

    Error message on login
    Error message on password reset


    1. please try using a different computer. it is possible sometimes that your computer may have overused the site and some firewall or protection mechanism has blocked your ip address. you can also try to delete the cache from your browser. i wish you all the best. Our request is that you do not click too fast on the site – and not use it for too long at one time. take it easy. this advice is not for you specifically – but for all devotees. We have a strong firewall and protection because the site is being attacked by many bots etc. Thank you and all the best.

  11. There is no reset password link on this page
    I am not open my account my password is lost
    User name is Mohan_Verma

  12. Hare Krishna.
    I also have a problem to log-in. When I enter my name and password, it always says: “An error, try again”. So for a view days I cannot reach my profile and use it. Please, help

  13. Hare Krsna!

    I am not able to login despite trying for about a week now. It’s either ‘An error has occured. Please try again’ or forbidden that comes up. Do you have any idea what’s wrong?


  14. Hare Krishna Respected prji, PAMHO.

    When I am searching on mother tongue option for telugu in the detailed search, no results are found. But actually there are couple of profiles with telugu as mother tongue. So it seems detailed search is not working prji. You may also cross check prji.

    Hare Krishna

  15. I’m unable to access my account, that it’s even unable to sign in also . kindly solve it out or else just delete my account.

  16. Hare krsna,

    There is a profile named lenlen cruz on this site, she contacted me saying…

    lenlen cruz sent you a new message:

    Subject: from lenlen urgent

    “my dear
    I am LENLEN DELA CRUZ there is something I will like to discuss with you so send me a message to / [email protected]

    Please request to delete such profile form this site.

  17. Haribol. I joined but the activation link did not work. please can you activate my account and let me know via Email. Thanks.

  18. Hare Krishna,

    Thank you for the wonderful website. It is a boon for devotees to find a suitable devotee match.

    One little feedback I wished to give was – the search filters are not working fine. If I apply a filter, I get 12 pages initially, but as I move to the second page, it displays all the results.

    Please, if possible, check this issue.

    your servant,

    1. is this issue still there ? could you search with another filter and try again – do let me know if you still find the issue – do refresh your cache also first.

  19. Hare bol. Can you please remove my account. it is no longer needed. I have forgotten my username and password thus I am unable to do it myself.

  20. hare krishna,

    i received a response from “marry a devotee” – but when i tried to read the message – this website said i needed to upload a photo – to continue.

    i tried to upload a photo- but it didn’t seem to work.

    i can upload a photo as an a attachment – if you can send me your email address.

    thanks & haribol – viduradas.

    1. prabhu please make sure the photo is not very large – then you will be able to upload it. also make sure that you have pressed the activation link that was sent to you at first when you registered.
      Hare Krishna

  21. Hare Krishna, AGSP I would kindly like to make a humble suggestion please…We have to go into each profile to find out the exact age of the person we are looking at, why can’t this be displayed at the beginning of the profile next to the name of the devotee so we have some idea before clicking on their profile? Hare Krishna

  22. Hare Krishna
    I am new here in the hope of finding a suitable devotee life partner…Can someone help me out how to go about it….Thanks.

  23. Reporting a dead link:

    Also, why can’t i close the “Recheck Messages 1 week before 31 March” bar? (I do click on “Close” 🙂

    I checked the link – it is
    THis should work. Sorry some things are not working. We are running this free and hence number of volunteers to manage the site are few, and we could do with better hosting also. If some people want to come forward to help, specially with the server – things can be a lot better.

    1. please try using another email id and when you register give all your spiritual and material and devotional details, so that we can decide if your profile can be approved. thank you.

  24. Hare krishna prabhuji. I have lost my password. My Emaid Id is [email protected]. I tried to use the password forgot option, but it is showing error. So, I humbly request you to send me the password rest link.

  25. Hare krishna prabhu
    I am a south indian devotee, i joined this marryadevotee site, i request you to give separate search based on language wise like tamil nadu (Tamil, Telegu, Hindi, etc) . It is very useful for searching particular, easy to find match. This is just for request.
    Hare Krishna

  26. Hare krishna Prabhu…
    This is to inform u that a guy with a profile Named “S.Sharma” is continously sending me irrelevent msgs and Videos….he is going on disturbing me saying useless and irritating things….kindly delete that account….as people like him are making a wrong use of this website..

    1. Please email us with more details. We will take action against miscreants. However usually these people can create another fake id – under a new name.
      Best way with such people is to IGNORE them – don’t give them your valuable time – let them waste their time and get frustrated.
      [email protected] is our email id

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