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26 Replies to “FAQ”

  1. Hare Krishna,

    This site has a new look altogether now!

    How to search for the prospective patners now? Like earlier there used to be an option to search on the basis of gender, age range, picture /no picture etc…

    Pls write to me on [email protected]

  2. Hare krishna plz tell me the procedure of activating the account. I write activating key number but it is nat accepted by site.

    1. thank you for calling me to clarify. as we noted in the call – your account was already active and you had not tried to login. the mistake that was being made in your case was that you were clicking the same activation link again and again. I hope others do not commit the same error. Hope you find a suitable Marwari match here. Hare Krishna

  3. Haribol I don’t remember my login in details, user name or password. How do I resolve this. Thanks.

  4. Pls someone show me how to delete my account.

    I tried to send message to [email protected] from my mail id to delete my account. But it is not deleted yet.

    Here in marryadevotee platform also i send message to above address but of no use. Someone help me.

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