Management Professor Braja Lila Devi Dasi marries a soldier from Lithuania

We received this sweet letter from these devotees – they informed us late about their marriage – but the news is sweeter now – since we get to see their wonderful son – and hear of the great life they are having together. Please read the letter below.

Hare Krishna Dandavad Pranams

I am happy to marry a devotee through the web site . I was married in 2010 and have a great happy devotional married life . Could not ask Krishna for a better partner than a devotee , My husband was a soldier and I am a Professor of management studies we have a son “Madhav “.

My husband is always positive and supportive . I respect and take his
opinion in all i do and do it with his support and consent . I am a great
cook and he loves prasadam too !!!!!!!!


I am Indian and he is Lithuanian but he loves India .

My husband has now moved to India this year 2015 and we are leading a happy life , we visit all dhams together , do devotional service together and support each other in material life too !!!!!!!!

Marrying devotees is definitely the best choice . What to talk about the husband who is so clean in mind , heart and leads a pious life !!!!!

Thanks to Srila Prabhupada for having created such a beautiful family of devotees ! Teaching them how to lead perfect life and work towards back to godhead !!

Hari Bol

Braj Lila Devi Dasi

I am attaching some pictures too !!!

Indumukhi Devi travels from Europe and finds her soulmate in India

We are very happy to announce that Indumukhi Devi Dasi found her husband through this website and is now very happily married. Both of them are staying in Europe now and are an active part of the devotee community there. You can see some of her pictures with husband and family on her profile on the right hand side.

She has sent a very nice message to everyone. Please read it below

Hare Krishna, Dandavat pranams.
I met my husband at this website 2 years ago. He wrote me 3 years ago but I did not see his message. One year after this he wrote to me again and we started chatting and after a few months I realized that he was the person I had waited for all these years.
Nowadays we live a happy life together.

I always advice people who look for a life partner to make a profile in this website

All I can say is that the experience was absolutely necessary to meet my husband. And the most beautiful thing is that it happened in a spiritual website by the grace of Krishna.

If somebody needs some advice I am here to help. Radhe Radhe.

Wish the best to all of you
Hare Krishna!

Finding Spiritual Friends

Just as a person who desires to improve his tennis will seek out tennis experts and enthusiasts, so a person interested in spiritual life will want like-minded friends. But where do we find them? And even if we meet students of self-realization and God consciousness, does it mean we will automatically develop loving friendships with them? The scripture states, “Seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” And so it is with spiritual friendships.

The surest way to find God conscious companions is to join with the topmost pure devotees, saints, and sages. Although most of them lived many centuries ago, we can be with them now in their writings, their teachings, and through their living followers. Although the pure devotees of a past age are not walking the earth today, we can become kindred spirits with them and benefit in a very personal way in their association.

According to Vedic knowledge, there are two ways to become intimate with advanced spiritual persons.

And they are